Tips for visiting Magnolia Market in Waco Texas

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The Magnolia Market in Waco is a popular Texas tourist spot. Use these 12 tips for making your visit a success. 

1. Don't visit on a sunday

None of the operations run by Chip and Joanna Gaines are open on Sunday, to include the market, Silo Baking Company and the Magnolia Table

2. Don't come on a Saturday

Since Magnolia isn't open on Sunday, Saturday is a super popular day to visit. If you have to come on a Saturday, start early and bring your patience. Expect to wait everywhere. 

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3. Do visit mid-week

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the least crowded days to visit.

4. Do visit early or late in the day

Magnolia Market is open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Visit during the first or last hour of the day to get the lighter crowds. 

Do you know the story behind these letters?

5. Get in line for Silo Baking Company early or skip altogether

Silo Baking Company is so used to lines that they've got an order form they hand out to people in line so they can be ready when it's their turn. They also have a shaded awning for people who are waiting, which is a good thing because the hot Texas sun can be brutal.  

Why yes, you DO want a peach pie cupcake. The question is, do you want to stand in line for 30 minute or more or stand in no line?

The Silo Baking Company opens at 9:00 a.m. and even on the slowest days, there will probably be a bit of a line. If you want the baked goods without the line, there's a Silo Baking Company food truck in food truck park in Magnolia Market's backyard. The Magnolia Table also has a selection of baked goods. 

6. Eat at food truck park

Whether you want to shop or not,  the backyard at the Silos is a foodie's paradise. The backyard is lined with food trucks, offering everything from gourmet grilled cheese to hamburgers to smoothies. 

Would you expect to find goat cheese and cherry gelato in Central Texas? If you answered yes, you are correct!

7. Don't pay for parking

The Silos at Magnolia Market are located in the middle of town. Waco is a bustling, small city. While Magnolia is responsible for some of the bustle, there are still people taking their kids to school, going to the bank and living everyday life. 

When you roll up, you'll see paid parking, typically businesses allowing you to park in their lot for a price, and you might be intimidated by the traffic and the crowds and think that's what you've got to do. Not true. The Silos have a free parking lot on 8th Street. 

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8. Be mindful of holidays when planning your visit

While mid-week is generally a great time to visit, consider Christmas break, Spring break, summer break, and any holiday weekends that might spill over into your midweek visit. These are busy times to visit Waco and if you schedule your visit during one of these times, be prepared for lines.

9. Don't expect to see Chip and Jo

Chip and Jo sightings are rare and random. They live outside of town on a ranch in Crawford, Texas, and do not routinely make appearances at their Waco businesses, especially on the weekends. However, you just never know. 


I found myself being butt hurt for about five minutes about these bright orange cones and stanchions that were messing with my aesthetic. Then I remembered people actually live here and the business of living and improving goes on.

10. magnolia merch is pricey

If you want the best deals, go to the Little Shop on Bosque, which is the location of Jo's original store. That's where they have the markdowns and the best deals. It's not the full Magnolia Market experience but you will spend less.]

The prices at Magnolia Market are comparable to Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma and some of the merchandise is manufactured overseas. It's fun to say “I got this at Magnolia” but you could probably get similar merchandise on Amazon. 

Even the fun, Magnolia specific merchandise, like the Demo Day tee shirts are pricey. You can buy knock-off's on Amazon for less and they're not quite the same but still fun. Order the Amazon tees and ballcaps before your trip. You'll save money and your Instagram pictures will be legendary. 

11. Make plans to see a little more of the city

There are plenty of other things to do in Waco besides all the Magnolia things. Visit the Dr Pepper Museum or take a tour with Waco Tours to learn more about the city and get an up close look at some of the flip houses you've seen on Fixer Upper.  

Waco Tours doesn't stop at Magnolia, but they do stop at Harp Designs…and if you're a Magnolia junkie, you know who Clint Harp is. The store is really cute, btw. I felt much more compelled to buy things there than Magnolia.


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