Waco Tours – The thing you need to do before you visit Magnolia

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Waco Texas is becoming quite the tourist destination and we all know why. The popularity of all the Magnolia things has made this once-sleepy central Texas town a popular spot for all kinds of travelers. Fixer Upper might be off the air but Chip and Joanna Gaines are hotter than ever and people flock by the thousands to this once sleepy little town in Central Texas. 

Waco Tours – The thing you need to do before you visit Magnolia

Waco Tours doesn't stop at Magnolia, but they do stop at Harp Designs…and if you're a Magnolia junkie, you know who Clint Harp is. The store is really cute, btw. I felt much more compelled to buy things there than Magnolia.

 Waco is a growing city with a fun food scene and a lot of shopping opportunities outside the Magnolia enterprises. It's easy to get to from major Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio and has that unbeatable Texas hospitality visitors have come to expect. 

If you're carving out time to visit Waco to experience all things, Magnolia, take a tour with Waco Tours first.  

But I came to Waco to see all Magnolia things. why do I need a tour?

If you really love Fixer Upper, the Waco Classic Tour will take you around Waco to see some of Chip and Jo's projects. If you're a superfan of the show, you will revel in seeing the curb appeal in real life. 

Reasons to do Waco Tours
You might go to Waco for the cute photo ops in the backyard area of the Magnolia Market – and you wouldn't be wrong – but there's a lot more to experience.

Waco Tours will also show you all the places to eat authentic Texas food. Maybe you planned to eat cupcakes from Silo Baking Company and enjoy breakfast or lunch at the Magnolia Table and you should definitely do those things but there are other places in town to check out and Waco Tours will help you scout out the good places.

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Will I meet Chip and Jo if I book with Waco Tours?

Probably not. Chip and Jo sightings happen but they're rare and random. However, you might get to meet Jimmy Don and Clint Harp, both craftsmen who have set up shop in Waco adjacent to Magnolia. Your Waco Classic tour will include a brief stop at Harp Designs, which is a really cool store. A lot of the bespoke tables and other pieces of furniture you've seen on Fixer Upper were designed and crafted by Harp. 

Reasons to do Waco Tours
July 2019: Construction in front of Magnolia makes it much less Instagrammable. Sigh.

Classic Waco Tour 

The Classic Waco Tour is a 2.5-hour orientation tour that lets you get your bearings in the city.

Reasons to do Waco Tours

This tour takes you through downtown Waco, stopping for a coffee or ice cream treat (price included in the tour), and through the lush and gorgeous Cameron Park. 

Reasons to do Waco Tours

The Waco Classic Tour also includes a coupon book that will save you money on shopping and dining in Waco, which is another reason to schedule your tour for when you first arrive.

Reasons to do Waco Tours

The Texas Experience Tour

Looking for a way to experience all Texas has to offer? Come on a three-hour escape on horseback or a top-of-the-line utility vehicle into rugged Texas country with our guides and horse wrangler. This tour allows you to explore the natural beauty of a 300-acre ranch bordering the beautiful chalk bluffs of the Brazos River. You'll learn about Texas history and cowboy culture through various hands-on activities.

Reasons to do Waco Tours

We did the Texas Experience Tour from the UTV…sort of. Since it was a small group tour (only myself and my kids) our guide, Dominic, allowed us a little extra time to get Zack in the saddle. Kyle wasn't having anything to do with a horse but he loved the UTV. Ordinarily, you'd have to pick one or the other. If you're not an experienced rider, not to worry. This tour can accommodate riders of all levels, including the most novice. 

Reasons to do Waco Tours


Reasons to do Waco Tours

River Cruise Tour

Waco Tours provided us the Classic Waco and Texas Experience and I was so impressed with their tours that I would have booked myself on the River Cruise Tour…we just ran out of time. I'm that impressed with their operation.

The River Cruise Tour is in a luxury pontoon boat. Your Captain and Guide welcome you, entertain you, and share intriguing stories of the life-giving  Brazos River, featuring Waco's history and its people – past and present. Tours are in the evening and they sell out quickly, especially on the weekends, so make sure you book in advance. 

What else do you need to know about Waco Tours?

Tip your guides. They are absolutely worth it. If you don't bring cash, you can leave it at the desk later after the fact or check to see if they accept tips electronically. 

The strip mall center that Waco Tours is located in has lots to explore. I strongly recommend Sub Zero Ice Cream, Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant, and Spice Village. 

Waco Tours was founded by two couples who had their homes featured on Fixer Upper. They saw a need to show all the visitors around their city and that's how Waco Tours came to be.

Waco is a conservative Christian town. It's home to Baylor University which is a conservative Baptist school. Both tours I went on started with a prayer. When we did our tours, the guides asked our permission before saying a blessing.

There's a really cute mercantile inside the Waco Tours office, so shop around to your heart's content. 

The tours will meet and depart from various locations. Waco Tours is excellent with communications and you won't have trouble figuring out where you're supposed to be. That said, allow a few extra minutes if you're not sure where you're going. 



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