Disney Parks Opening Date – Rumours

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When is Disney going to open? Is Disney going to open in 2020? Wouldn't we all like to know? I know I would and if I did know, I would absolutely tell you. I'd like to talk about the Disney Parks opening date, in particular the rumors that have been circulating like wildfire. An article on a website I consider to be an unreliable source hit the internet yesterday. This states Disney isn't going to open until 2021, probably. That has not been confirmed by Disney so I wanted to take a moment to talk about Disney Parks opening date rumors. I know a lot of us are trying to figure out what's to become of our 2020. Even more people crave that normalcy, to know Walt Disney World and Disneyland are going to be there when we want them to be. This level of closure is unprecedented.

Disney Parks Opening Date – Rumors

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Disney Parks Opening Dates in 2020 – Here's What We DO Know

Honestly, not much, because Disney hasn't made an official announcement. There's a lot of rumor, speculation and analysis floating around but none of it is coming from Disney. No official opening date has been announced yet, which gives Disney the flexibility to open as soon as it is safe to do so. This page is frequently updated with information.

The Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are currently accepting new reservations beginning June 1, 2020. That doesn't mean the parks will be re-open at that time but it does mean you can book a stay and make tentative plans. 

Disney leaders are heavily involved in re-open plans in Florida and California

Disney wants to re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. Florida and California rely on revenue generated by the parks. We want to know when we can get a little bit back to normal and get our fix of Disney magic, and, we also want to know what that's going to look like in the wake of the pandemic. 

Bob Iger is currently on the Economic Recovery Taskforce for the state of California.

Josh D'Amaro, President of Walt Disney World Resort, and John Sprouls, CEO of Universal Orlando Resort, are on the Task Force for reopening Florida.

What does booking or rebooking a Disney vacation look like right now?

Whether you're hoping to salvage a vacation already booked, looking to cancel or extend a trip booked for 2020, or wanting to book to take advantage of really good airfare right now, Get Away Today can help you. They're Disney travel agents that are invested in staying on top of the most current information and helping you understand your travel plans and make the best decisions about your travel during these weird, weird times.

Get Away Today also has information on non-Disney travel, such as Universal, SeaWorld and other Southern California and Florida destinations. 

This has been the longest time we've gone without planning a Disney vacation. We're Disney Vacation Club members and we typically go every year. We know the magic will be there on the other side of this but we also know people have plans up in the air and dollars tied up in vacations that might not happen, so I hope this info helps someone out!

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  1. Hello 🙂 Disneyland in France won’t open before several months. Governments is trying to avoid massive people meeting so I’m not sure that life is gonna be easy for theme parks in the coming months (at least in France).

    I know that Disney proposed a sanitary plan but even if they wish to open, french borders will stay closed to non EU members to end of september so summer season will be bad for them… Hoping it won’t lead to massive lay off and site closure.

  2. So I had a trip planned for Disney (my first time) at the start of April which obviously we had to cancel! I really hope that it opens soon as I get the chance to go while I am in North America!

    1. Pretty sure we will, too. We had a trip soft scheduled in July in connection with hubby’s work conference but that’s been cancelled so we’ll definitely not be going this summer.

  3. I’m sure there are so many people wanting to know when the Disney parks will open back up. I know these vacations are so important and the revenue is important to the states as well. Hopefully, things will get back to normal before too terribly long.

  4. Thank you for this post! I’m sure many people are looking for info and can’t wait to visit Disney again (when it’s safe, of course!) 🙂