Celebrate Valentine’s Day With One Of These Romantic Cruises

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Wake up in the middle of the ocean and turn over to see the love of your life gazing out the window, inhaling the sweet, salty air, content with your 2024 Valentine’s Day outing. Numerous cruise lines host romantic-themed operations that help couples break away from their regular life and barrage of life’s requirements for an intimate venture at sea. From Seabourn Cruise Line to UnCruise Adventures, celebrate Valentine's Day – or any day – with one of these romantic cruises.  

Celebrate Valentine's Day With One Of These Romantic Cruises

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Whether you take a cruise on Valentine's Day for the ultimate romantic date or plan one for another time of the year to escape with your amour, here are four romantic cruises to check out. 

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Seabourn Cruise Line

Instead of the traditional behemoth ship plowing through the waters carrying thousands of eager seafarers, Seabourn dials back the capacity, introducing a smaller, more intimate crowd of cruisers. The tinier ships invite 468 passengers, while the larger vessels welcome 600 passengers. Notice how the capacity is an even number, begging couples to jump on a boat and experience the sumptuous retreat. 

Seabourn Cruise Line imitates a yacht more than a ship and offers fancier events for passengers than other cruise companies. For example, guests can expect fine-crafted meals and caviar around every corner whenever they please. Take your lady for a five-star meal after waking up, or take your gentlemen to a nice seaside dinner later in the day. Caviar, drinks, and food all come included in the cruise’s fare, live music entertains guests, and couples indulge in couples massages to elevate the ambiance and strengthen their bonds. Seaubourn transports couples worldwide, but a few favorite stops include Alaska, Antarctica, and Asia.

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Do you fancy a bouquet from your special someone? Or do you prefer satin sheets decorated with the silkiest rose petals to commemorate the holiday? Either way, Azamara Cruise Line offers complimentary fresh-cut flowers to its 700 onboard passengers. After adorning the fancy room with gorgeous flowers, up the romance with a lounge in the complimentary cotton robes or a sun soak on the veranda. 

Azamara’s website insists their on-shore activities immerse tourists in the rich cultural experience of the selected location—a great method to learn the culture and grow closer to your significant other. Appreciate the finer flavors of wine during a wine tasting with your partner, or embark on an ecological exploration (kayaking or diving) that opens your eyes to the ecosystem and the importance of preserving the world. Other romantic gestures on board include fancy steakhouses, endless live entertainment (singers and dancers), and my favorite, The Sanctum Spa. Visit the spa with a lover for a relaxing and rejuvenating salt water bath, restore the livelihood in your face with a facial, or settle into a soothing couples massage.

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UnCruise Adventures

A trip on UnCruise Adventures is about much more than a journey to sea. The adventure-based cruise company focuses on the environmental impact of each trip and strives to represent diversity and combat racism and bigotry through each sail. These actions make it the perfect company for a couple sharing important ideals and a desire to galivant through the world high on adrenaline. UnCruise boats invite under 100 passengers on each ship, enhancing the intimate, romantic environment and encouraging guests to explore the offshore lands. The UnCruise staff works with customers to optimize their experience on and off the boat.

Specific quests include a cruise to Hawaii, where those entangled in romance share their passion behind a camera lens. Memories of photographing Humpback Whales in Hawaii stick with you long after the cruise finalizes, giving you and your partner a sentimental, romantic moment to reflect on in the coming years. For Mexico iterations of the cruise, hop off the boat and don a snorkel and wetsuit as you mingle with energetic sea lions. Swim around the majestic creatures, observing their behavior, maybe snapping a picture or two of you and your partner interacting with the mammal. UnCruise As you capture unique clips of the humpback whales in Hawaii, UnCruise sails to Alaska Galapagos, Hawaii, and Alaska with under 100 passengers on each ship.

Celebrity Cruises 

Celebrity uses larger ships than the other cruises mentioned on this list. Yet, sometimes, couples crave a connection with other people. The cruise’s endless open-air areas and communal entertainment spaces provide other passengers with ample opportunity to share a drink or a meal and head to the latest onboard entertainment event together. 

While jetting through the open ocean, grab a pickleball paddle for a riveting match between couples, or marvel at a live hot glassblowing show featuring talented artists. If the glassblowing performance sparks curiosity within onlookers, they can stick around after the show for a glassblowing class. Another activity specific to Celebrity Cruises is the Blendtique Wine Experience. Wine enthusiasts (white wine only, sorry, red wine adorers) enjoy this as they mix and bottle their own flavors of blended white wines. Partake in any or all of these activities as your cruise departs from the port and travels toward locations like Africa, Asia, Bermuda, Bahamas, New Zealand, Galapagos, the Mediterranean, and South America.

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