What you should buy on Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day (yes, that's a thing) is October 13th and 14th this year. If you're an Amazon Prime member, this is a great opportunity to get some good deals, and let's face it – who doesn't like shopping in your pajamas and having boxes magically delivered to your door? I've put together a list of my best recommendations on what you should buy on Amazon Prime Day 2020. 

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10/13/2020: I am updating this post throughout the day as I see good stuff on Amazon. 

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Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020

Don't know what you want yet? That's OK. You might be one of those “I'll know it when I see it” shoppers. Please use this link here to start your search.

What is Amazon Prime Day, anyway?

Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive shopping holiday for Amazon Prime subscribers. Prime Day 2020 will last a full 48+ hours. Amazon Prime deals begin at midnight Pacific time on October 12. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, deals last a little longer to give you more time to shop and compare. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial that will allow you to take advantage of these killer deals. You can always cancel later but we really enjoy our Amazon Prime membership. It's made our life a lot easier and we really enjoy the entertainment options.

Already have Amazon Prime and want to gift it to someone else? It makes an awesome wedding, baby, or housewarming gift:

Wondering about giving adoption gifts? The answer is (99.999 percent of the time) yes, by the way. Give the gift. Amazon Prime also makes a great adoption gift.

What are the best deals on Amazon Prime Day? What you need to know first:

Download the Amazon App and save up to $30.

Spend $10 on select small businesses and get $10 to spend on Prime Day

You can expect to find savings on tech products like electronics. 4K HDR TVs, headphones, wireless chargers, Echo dots, smartphones, and more. Here are a few deals that are jumping out at me. 

Echo Dot (AKA Alexa) $18.99

Fire HD Tablet $79.99

Ring Doorbell $69.99

What should you buy on Amazon Prime Day 2020?

We're showing you shopping suggestions but my advice is to look for what you actually want. Back to school is still hot. Since we started so late this year and because home learning is still a new experience for a lot of families, you may want to look stock-up prices on things like headphones (my kids tear these UP), charging cables (my kids also tear these up) and if you're looking to upgrade your student's laptop or tablet, this is the time to look. 

See all Prime Day deals here.

Here are some of my favorite deals for 2020 Prime Day. This list is a combination of things I already have, things on my own wish list or things I thought would appeal to many of you. 

1. Instant Pot Duo 10 Quart Pressure Cooker – $99.99 (Save $50)

Several other Instant Pot models are also marked down. Check them out here. P.S. I ordered the Aura off the Amazon Treasure truck at what I thought was a great deal. I paid more than the price it's listed for today. 

2. Bose Quiet Comfort Series 35 Headphones – $199 (Save $150)

Yes, these are super-expensive headphones but they're being offered at quite a savings. I am so tempted.

3. Kindle Paperwhite $79.99 (Save $50)

This is the E-Reader I have and I love it. You can also check out Kindle Unlimited. I have it and it saves me a lot of money on buying books.

4. Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum $169.99 (Save $110)

Several Shark Vacuums are on sale today if you'd like to check out some other models.

5. Apple Air Pods with charging case $114.99 (Save $44)

6. Toys: I'm honestly not focused much on toy buying this year so toy deals aren't something I'm really honed in on. However, if you are shopping for toys, there's an entire section of markdowns on the Prime Day home page. I see a lot of creative toys and a lot of games – if you've ever wanted to buy Taco Versus Burrito, it's on sale today.

P.S. This game was designed by a seven-year-old.

Here are a few things that jumped out at me that I thought were great deals that people would enjoy.

Up to 40 percent off Fisher Price, Barbie, and Hot Wheels Toys

20 piece American doll clothing set $21.50

These fit American Girl dolls. They're not the American Girl brand, which is much more expensive.

Vivostar Advent Calendar – $24.98

This unique Christmas countdown includes 24 surprise DIY toys.

7.3o percent off Acer, Lenovo and more laptops, monitors, desktops and tablets

I have an Acer laptop that I've been using for about two years and I like it. 

8.30 percent off active wear

If you're like me, you're in “New Year's resolution mode” to work off that “COVID 15.” At least we'll pretend it's 15. Wink. Also, I've tried out Amazon's house brand of clothing and I've been happy with the quality.

What am I buying on Prime Day?

I'm not sure.  I'm looking to upgrade my laptop and some of my camera equipment, although I don't urgently need to replace anything. I'm always scouting for deals. I have about 30 tabs open on my computer and a bunch of stuff in my cart. I need to go through and figure out what's realistic and compare notes with my husband who is doing the same thing – although probably with less tabs, ha!

I'd love a pair of upgraded headphones and a really nice duster-length cashmere sweater. I also really love this and it's at a great price point. If I order this as a gift for my husband, do you think that will signal the universe that he needs to go back to his office? Ha!

But mostly, I want to travel and go places, so I'll be looking for airline deals, although at this point that might be wishful thinking. We have (had?) a ton of trips planned for 2021 and we're scrambling to juggle rescheduling based on what we know now…which isn't much. I don't have a ton of info on what travel deals will be available on Prime Day – Black Friday and Cyber Monday have typically been great days for travel day – but I will be looking. 

I'm always looking to streamline our travel packing, so I'm looking for backpacks and carry on luggage that are light, rugged, and priced right. 

Do I have to shop at Amazon to get the best Prime Day deals? No! 

Nope. The competition will be trying to woo you you away from Amazon. Look for deals from Target, Walmart, and your other favorite retailers. You might have to put on pants and go outside to retrieve your bounty but definitely shop around to see if you can get a better deal than Amazon offers. 

My favorite non-Amazon deals right now:

Here are some of my favorite places to shop, year 'round. I know lots of these places have great Prime Day deals.

  1. Booking.com (travel & hotel deals), shop here. If you're considering fall/winter travel or even travel into 2021, check out what's available on Booking.com. This is my favorite travel deal site.
  2. Kohl's. Kohl's is one of my go-to stores for clothes, cosmetics and linens.
  3. Outschool (classes & seminars for kids online.  Outschool is HOT right now in this age of remote learning and this makes an awesome gift.
  4. Etsy (You can get everything from Sanderson Sisters tee shirts to stickers with swear words on them.) If you shop through this link you're not only supporting ME but you are also supporting other small biz people.
  5. Dinnerly – Inexpensive meal prep boxes. Sign up here.
  6. Glossybox – Absolutely GLORIOUS beauty subscription boxes.
  7. Naked Wines – A wine subscription service. You're welcome. 
  8. Night-In subscription boxes. These are date night subscription boxes (they also offer kid's boxes) 
  9. Perdue Farms – This is the ONLY place I buy my chicken from. I know most of us are in a different place shopping wise than we were during the first few weeks of the pandemic, but regular orders from Perdue Farms is a great way to stock your freezer and you'll love the responsible
  10. Shipt – Grocery delivery service that I SWEAR by. Shipt does cost a little more than going to the store in-person or even using the store's direct delivery or curbside pickup but Shipt has not ever let me down. It has given me so much time back.
  11. Oriental Trading Company – fun party supplies and seasonal decorations. This is my go-to for Chinese New Year decorations. 

Other deals on Amazon you might like:

These might not all be Prime Day deals but here's a selection of popular electronics. 

Best Selling Laptops

Best Selling Tablets

Best Selling Smart Phones




Entertainment on Prime Day

One of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime membership for us has been the entertainment options. Check this out these:

Limb Difference Merch on Prime Day

We've bought a few things lately that have helped our limb different son, Zack, adapt to everyday life a little better. I'm not sure how righteous the Prime Day deals will be on these but I'm including them because they're products that I think are pretty amazing. 

These EazyHold silicone strips have been a game changer for us. They allow Zack to use a fork with his little hand and use his sound hand to use a knife. These are really nifty, although they are ridiculously pricey, so if you get these, safeguard them to make sure you don't lose them.

Zack also sometimes uses a pizza cutter in place of a knife. It's a lot easier for him to manage, although since he's gotten the EazyHold, he usually uses those. Still, this is a good option for cutting food when you have a limb difference. 

If you need adaptive clothing, check out the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing Line. If your child has trouble with buttons – Zack can do it but he struggles – this is a great line to check out. The BEST part? Their adaptive clothing matches the rest of Tommy Hilfiger's line. It is pricey, though, so I'm hoping for some Prime Day deals.

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