I ordered a bunch of eco-friendly kitchen stuff from Amazon and I don’t know who I am

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So…eco-friendly kitchen stuff. Here we are. I have never been what anyone would describe as crunchy or granola. As a matter of fact, most self-proclaimed crunchy granola people get on my nerves. There's just something…I don't know…sanctimonious about telling everyone how crunchy and granola you are. Now. I'm not a wasteful person who hates the environment. I never have been. Hey, I recycle cans and bottles. I have a bunch of reusable grocery bags I sometimes remember to use. But, I've always made purchasing decisions based on functionality or style versus sustainability. I don't know if the social message about reuse, recycling, re-purpose, sustainability message that's so prevalent has seeped into my psyche but I was kind of surprised when I reviewed some of my recent Amazon purchases. There is a lot of eco-friendly kitchen stuff in my Amazon order history. Turns out I've been making small changes in the kitchen without realizing it. 

Eco-friendly kitchen stuff from Amazon

I ordered a bunch of eco-friendly kitchen stuff from Amazon and I don't know who I am anymore

I was surprised to learn how much eco-friendly kitchen stuff I'd accumulated in a short period of time. 

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Reusable Sandwich Bags

I have always bought my sandwich bags in bulk at Costco. With two kids taking school lunches, it occurred to me somewhere along the way that we use a whole lot of plastic with packed lunches alone. So, I bought these:

I'm really happy with them. They seal well and they're easy to clean. My biggest challenge is going to be kids that are conditioned to throw their sandwich bags away. 

Reusable Food Storage Bags

I don't have as  huge of a need for these since I use plastic or glass containers to store most leftovers in but since I've jumped on the sustainable bandwagon (apparently) I decided to order these when I ordered my sandwich bags.

I like these less, mostly because of the slide closure. The bags are thick and sturdy and they seal great but the slide is hard to get off. 

Glass and Silicone Food Storage Containers

I got these for my husband to take his lunches to work in. We're slowly phasing out our plastics and now that our kids are getting a little bit older, we aren't as worried about them dropping/breaking.

Glass doesn't stain or hold food scents like plastic does. Don't we all have that plastic container that's red inside from the one time you nuked spaghetti sauce in it? The silicone sleeve helps protect the container and these are great sizes for people who take their leftovers to work for lunch.

Silicone Baking Cups

I am not much of a baker so I'm not contributing heavily to the landfills with all the paper and foil muffin liners I'm not using but I like the idea of using something a little more sustainable and durable when I make cupcakes or muffins.

I also use these as snack cups – they're pretty sturdy. As with the sandwich bags, the big challenge is remembering they don't go in the trash can.

Oil sprayer

I love the ease of spray cooking oils. The aerosol can, not so much. My husband bought me these – such a romantic guy, that one – and I love being able to fill them with whatever kind of oil I'm using.

I like cooking with olive olive oil and avocado oil which you can't really find in a spray bottle. My Misto Bottles help me cook the way I want to and use less product. 

Keurig Accessories

I remember the first time I saw a Keurig. It was 2010 and I fell instantly in love. Although those little plastic pods are super easy and neat, they are not very environmentally friendly. I have a friend who makes kids crafts from used K-Cups and I guess that's one way to repurpose but the idea cleaning all the grounds out and rinsing them so your kids can make them into a replica of Sponge Bob has little appeal. 

We bought the fillable cups for every day use – great when I'm home during the day by myself and just want a cup or two. We use a larger pod and the carafe on weekends when there's two of us drinking coffee.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

I used to laugh at people who had designer cleaning products but here we are. I ordered some dish soap and all-purpose cleaner on a whim and I've been using this stuff ever since.

I like that these products are plant based and gentle. What keeps me reordering is that they do their job. Their dish soap works just as well on grease as the more detergent products and the all-purpose cleaner works just as well on surfaces as cleaners made with harsher chemicals. Plus, it all smells good and I'm a smell person.

So…here we are. These are all products I use in my house and am happy with – except for the bags with the slider seal but that's just because I'm a wimp and can't figure out how to get it lose without playing damsel in distress or throwing it against the cabinets and swearing a lot. 

I hope you like my list of eco-friendly kitchen stuff you can find on Amazon. None of it is expensive or fancy (except maybe the cleaning products which are a little snooty) and because it's Amazon, you can buy it in your pajamas and it shows up at your doorstep. I love Amazon kitchen stuff and I'm happy to pass along some of my favorites.

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  1. Cool article Jill, to be honest since moving in with my girlfriends i’ve become a master hoarder of these type of goods, especially tupperware and silicone kitchen goods like the baking cups.

  2. I want to buy food storage bags and sandwich bags. I bought a thermal lunch bag and I am very happy with my purchase so now I want to try some more eco-friendly products. Thanks for sharing with us!