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7 pictures from our first two days in Southeast Montana

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My kids and I are traveling in Southeast Montana (sans husband) this week. We've been here for one full day so far and we've packed a lot of things in. When we told people about our upcoming visit to Montana, we got asked if we were going to Glacier or Yellowstone. We got a lot of blank looks when we revealed we were going to Billings and a few other spots in Southeast Montana. I've yet to go to Glacier or Yellowstone (I'll get there) but I can tell you after spending a very short time in this region, it's worth your trip. I hope you enjoy these Southeast Montana pictures and that they inspire you to make your own adventure.

Southeast Montana Pictures from our first two days

pictures of southeast Montana

We're being hosted by Southeast Montana. All opinions (and all photography credit) are mine. 

1. Burger and Brew from The Divide – Welcome to Southeast Montana

Our “welcome to Montana” meal was at The Divide in Billings. I had a Sweet n' Spicy PB&J burger and a local IPA – Black Tooth Hot Streak. The burger might sound a little weird but it was delicious. 

this collection of southeast montana pictures would not be complete without food pictures
The Divide is a great place to get a burger and a beer and watch the sun set.


2. Playing tic tack toe at Zoo Montana

Isn't this the cutest idea for an outdoor tic tack toe?

pictures of southeast Montana wouldn't be complete without a picture of ZooMontana in Billings

3.  Hanging with a grizzly at Zoo Montana

Yes, we were thisclose to the bear. We were perfectly safe but I've never been to a zoo with a bear habitat that's got such a great viewing area.

We only got one shot of a bear in our Southeast Montana pictures – this trip. We were mighty glad to have the glass between us and him!

4. Visiting Pompey's Pillar National Monument

The little green dot (behind the photo opp cutout) is a selfie spot and it's perfect. 


5. Pompey's Pillar National Monument – How many steps do you think it takes to get to the top?

It's a few! It's a pretty mild climb, though, and it's steps all the way. 

6. Finding a giant dandelion at Strawberry Hill Recreation Center

They say everything is big in Texas but Montana has absolutely enormous dandelions.

7. More Strawberry Hill Nature Center

I'm really proud of this picture but this in no way comes close to how beautiful this area is.

I think this is one of my favorite Southeast Montana pictures. Strawberry Hill Recreation area is really dreamy. I love this picture but it doesn't do the scenery justice.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek of our first Montana moments. Follow me on Instagram for more updates and more Southeast Montana pictures. 

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