7 Things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day

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So, it's that time of year again when the lovebirds of the world cozy up with their +1 and pledge to love each other even more than the previous year. Maybe they venture out for a romantic cruise or book a fancy date night at a Michelin-rated restaurant. Your happiness for the pair could not flourish more, but you're single on Valentine's Day and dreading February 14th. While doomscrolling on social media or driving through the city streets, you spot couples everywhere, boasting their romantic entanglements, seemingly rubbing the connection in your face. How can you celebrate the holiday for two when you're riding solo?

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7 Things to do when you're single on Valentine's Day

Single girl on Valentines Day.
Valentine's Day for Singles. Photo: Deposit Photos.

If you find yourself single on Valentine's Day, you have options, from ignoring the holiday completely or celebrating singlehood. 

1. Singles Only Party 

Throw a singles-only party with a crew of your favorite singletons. Grab a copy of your favorite non-romantic comedy (or rom-com, we won't judge) and entertain the crowd with a movie night. Engage in a potluck-style snack table. Ask every attendee to bring their favorite snack or treat to share with others. Maybe play an old-fashioned game of trivia or Pictionary to enhance the fun. If you're interested in pumping up the party, throw on some karaoke tunes for a boisterous yet entertaining night of surprises. 

2. Solo Dinner

Why should you stay inside and cook for yourself when everyone else indulges in the finest eateries around town? Make a reservation at that fancy restaurant you've been eyeing for the past few months. Treat the night as a date with yourself in your best dress or suit that matches the atmosphere. Given the special occasion, take a moment to treat yourself to a pricey glass of wine or a fruity mocktail paired with delectable appetizers. Don't skimp on the entree, either. Remember, this holiday comes around once a year, and though you may not have a partner to share it with, sit back and relax, knowing you're only responsible for a one-person bill. 

3. Couples Massage With Friends

Couples' massages don't apply to just romantic couples. I've brought family members, friends, and co-workers to couples' massages, and we enjoyed the experience as much as couples would. Bring another single person or a friend for a relaxing massage treatment full of soothing aromas and manual therapy. 

Close your eyes and sink into the massage chair, releasing all the pent-up tension stored in your body during the Day. Take a few moments to release the built-up stress dragging your shoulders down. Fall into the massage therapist's hands, and trust them to relieve tension and enhance your well-being. 

4. Pet Party

Who said Valentine's have to be human? Celebrate with your favorite four-legged, furry, or scaly creature through a pet party! Dress up festive pets in cute outfits and invite their favorite friends. Host a costume contest based on the cutest, most original, and craftiest outfits. Set up a table of animal-friendly treats and activities. For example, dogs might fancy a chew toy area, while cats flock to the climbing nook. If your pet despises other creatures, host a one-on-one party where you crown them the king or queen of the holiday. 

5. Anti-Valentine's Day Party 

My college hosted an Anti-Valentine's Day Party every year. The attraction interested angry exes and even those wrapped up in relationships, as the activities unleashed resentment reserves with plate breaking. The event host doled out ceramic plates and Sharpies, asking participants to jot down their ex-partner, ex-friend, ex-job, or anything causing their anger onto the plate and to smash the plate into shards. Another Anti-Valentine's Day Party found us burning different pieces of paper inscribed with exes' names or past versions of selves we hoped to dispel.

6. Create a Vision Board

Focus on yourself this Valentine's Day with a vision board. Grab a few magazines or print out pictures from the internet and paste words and images you envision in your future. Place all good intentions and hope into the vision board and refer to it whenever you feel waves of sadness or doubt rolling in. 

7. Take a Class

Say you aren't a particularly lavish or spiritual person, and exercise and hands-on learning benefit you. Enroll in an exercise-focused class to better your physical health or an art or cooking class to amplify your skills. Pilates, CrossFit, yoga, and kickboxing all increase heart rate, break a sweat, and elevate mood. Cooking and art classes let participants explore their creativity, solve problems, and relay stories. 

What Will You Choose?

Sinking and sulking into the couch on a dedicated day when couples prowl the streets and engagements pop up on your online social media timeline tempts many individuals without a romantic partner; you don't need to give in to that temptation. Instead, get back on your feet and celebrate your single status. Throw that party, try that restaurant, go to the spa. Treat yourself.

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