Super easy Valentine’s Day Decorating with Valentine’s Day Garland

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If you're looking for ridiculously easy Valentine's decorating ideas, you've come to the right place. I'm not really an all occasion decorator…let me just put that out there. It's the middle (ish) of January and there's still a Santa Stop Here mat at my front door. Don't judge. But one thing that can add some instant seasonal pizzazz to your space is Valentine's Day garland. You can hang them on a shrub or on a Valentine's Day tree if you're really that ambitious. You can hang Valentine's Day garland in a doorway, along a mantel, over a window…lots of places. 

Super easy Valentine's Day Decorating with Valentine's Day Garland

Felt Ball Valentine's Day Garland

This one is “Valentine's Day ish but not overtly so. Translation: if you leave it up into March, it won't be that big of a deal. Check out out here.

Pre-assembled felt heart garland 3-Pack

This one comes in red, pink and dark pink. See it here.

Graduated sized felt heart banner

This one has a little more depth…the sizes of the hearts vary, which makes it looks a little more interesting. Check it out here.

Conversation hearts Valentine's Day banner

The factory that manufactures conversation hearts may have stopped making the confections we all love (sad trombone) but this is perhaps the next best thing. Now you can have your does of “UR CUTE” and “TEXT ME.” See this cute Valentine's Day garland here.

Be Mine Glittery Heart Valentine's Day Decor

If you need glitter and sparkles to make your heart happy, this one's for you. Check it out here

Lots and lots of hearts Valentine's Day garland

I love the vertical effect of this fun Valentine's Day garland. You can get it in pink and red or all red. See it here.

Burlap Valentine's Day banner

If you like a little more of a rustic look, check out this cute burlap banner. It's still very Valentine's Day-y but it looks a little more homespun. Check it out here

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Tissue heart Valentine's Day Decor that's super cute

If you've got flashbacks of homemade Valentines made out of red doilies, this is your Valentine's Day garland right here.

Tassels – just in case you don't want to fully commit to the holiday…

…which is fine. These tassels are pink, red, and gold. Not a heart in sight. Check it out here.

Crocheted heart rainbow heart garland

You can use this rainbow garland to celebrate or give a nod to more than Valentine's Day. I just love the rustic look of this one. See it here.

Buffalo Plaid Heart Garland

This is another fun Valentine's Day decor that doesn't scream Valentine's Day. It's a fun decor item that's great for winter. AKA if you if put these up at Christmas and don't take it down, it's all good. Probably. Check it out here

Fabric tie Valentine's Decor

If Laura Ingalls Wilder had a Valentine's Day Garland, this would be it. See it here. This is another one that's not as “in your face” Valentine's Day. Sometimes, subtle is good, just in case you end up leaving it up past Valentine's Day.

Whether you want glittery hearts that leave no doubt about what holiday you're decorating for or something that can be used year-around or for different types of parties, I think you'll find some great ideas for Valentine's Day decor on this list. 

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