Quarantine Bingo: Parenting Edition

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Who wants to play quarantine bingo? I might have had a little too much time on my hands this week, so I created this fun printable: Quarantine Bingo: Parenting Edition. 

Wanna play Quarantine Bingo Parenting Edition?

If you're guilty of not knowing when your kid last had a bath, crying over your ineptitude over common core math or having a cocktail before 5:00 o'Clock, you should definitely play this. It will give you a much-needed laugh and let you know you're not alone. And, while I don't have a blackout, all of these squares were inspired by real people who have added quarantine pets to their family, had DIY hair disasters, and more.

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Ripped Jeans Bifocals- Quarantine Bingo

Quarantine Bingo Parenting Edition
Who has a blackout?

I've been guilty of having my kids clean out the litter box and calling it “Intro to Pet Management” and being super lax about bedtime, which is proving to be a bad decision based on the tired little faces I see at our “remote learning” classroom every day – AKA our kitchen table.

I haven't really obsessed about toilet paper yet but we were stocked up before the pandemic hit. I am, however, guilty of counting the rolls on our shelf. We have 11, so I guess we're in good shape.

We haven't made a craft out of toilet paper rolls but I have been saving them, which is something I usually don't do. While we haven't counted ice cream as dinner, ice cream consumption in our house is definitely up. Try adding Bailey's and Kahlua to coffee ice cream – you're welcome. 

I've so far avoided the DIY hair stuff. My three dudes are all looking pretty shaggy and I've decided I'm OK with that and know myself well enough to know haircuts by me would end badly. I have been on the fence about doing my own color. I haven't seen my real hair color in I don't know how many years and I'm not liking what I see. I'm still holding out for the world to re-open…at least that's my answer for now. 

I hope you enjoy the laugh that quarantine bingo brings…even if all these things are true. And, if you need some extra support, please come and join my private group for mom.

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