How to Keep Busy at Home (When your kids are driving you crazy)

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Raise your hand if you're O-V-E-R being quarantined. Closes eyes and imagines hands flying high everywhere. I have days when I'm fine…sometimes I have to keep reassuring myself that I'm fine and some days, I really feel like I've got this. Other days, hide in the bathroom and cry because the frustration over wanting things to “just be normal” is getting the best of me and I feel like a toddler who needs to be reminded to “use their words.” Although I can't push a button and make all this go away, I can offer some suggestions on how to keep busy at home and share a few things that have worked for me.

How to Keep Busy at Home (When your kids are driving you crazy)

Fun activities for Disney Lovers

If you love Disney, I've got tons of options for things to do from some of the greatest Disney bloggers around. 

1. Disney printables, crafts, and recipes

Whether you had (or face having) a Disney trip cancelled due to being quarantined or whether you just want that extra dose of magic in your life, Janice from An Open Suitcase has lots of ideas for how to keep busy at home. Kids (and kids at heart) will love her Disney coloring pages, craft tutorials and recipes. I know I'm missing Disney and jumping on some of these activities will help me to remember that the magic will be waiting for us on the other side. 

Disney printables crafts and recipes

Check out this great list of fun activities here.

2. Even more ways to enjoy Disney at home – 101 to be exact!

Whether you're looking for Disney games, puzzles, coloring pages or even ideas to spruce up your home – since we know everyone is spending more time at home, right? – Sierra from Spreading the Magic has a giant list of over 100 things to keep you busy. 

There's also a really fun section with links to select Disney-themed kitchen items, such as a waffle maker, apron sets and lots of dinner ware to cheer up your table. Check out her list here.

3. Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats

I have never been much of a baker but my family loves sweet treats. If you're looking for something easy, cute and girly, these Minnie Mouse Oreo Treat from Carrie at A Princess and Her Pirates are just the thing.

Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats

These are perfect for an afternoon treat or even an impromptu tea party. They're shown here in pink but we all know Minnie is a fashion girl and you could easily make them in another color. Check out the recipe here.

4. 291 Disney Coloring Pages and 291 Disney Activity Sheets

Yep, that's a lot of stuff for your kids to do (plus hopefully a lot of quiet time for parents!) Jones Family Travel is a great resource for travel – especially Disney travel – but since no one is going anywhere right now, Allison has put together tons and tons of things for your kids to do at home. 

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie and I know we've all been watching a LOT of Disney+ so let your kids pick some coloring or activity sheets to go along with their favorite. And, coloring for adults is therapeutic, so grab a set of pencils and get after it! Check it out here.

Other resources to help you keep busy at home

I've always been a homebody when I'm not traveling. Since we travel so often, I really enjoy my time at home to decompress, catch up on my favorite TV shows, and maybe catch up on sleep! I told myself staying inside and staying put would be a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of being a travel writer and that I'd have zero trouble figuring out how to keep busy at home.

It turns out I was wrong about that. Like everyone else, I'm struggling with cabin fever and keeping my kids from driving me nuts. Since I'm not creating travel content right now, here are a few resources I've put together that will give you ideas on how to keep busy at home.

5. Random Acts of Kindness for Teachers – Yes, even while you're e-learning.

If you'd like to show your child's hard-working teacher some love during this crazy time, here are some ideas for things you can do right now as well as some for later.

6. Ideas for Spirit Week at Home

One of the things my kids have loved doing while we're learning at home is doing our very own spirit week. Give this list a look, even if you're the mom who usually groans when you get those spirit week notices in your child's folder. 

ideas for spirit week at home

7. The Best Animal Instagram Accounts to Follow

If your idea of how to keep busy at home includes more social media scrolling, here's something that will add a little lightness and happiness to your social media experience. Who doesn't like pictures of cute puppies and kittens. Plus, there are some surprisingly adorable animal Instagram accounts, such as a squirrel and a pig. 

8. How to Keep Kids Busy with Hands-On Story Activities

If you need some ideas on how to bring books to life with activities you can do together, this list of book-inspired activities for kids to do at home will get you started. 



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