The best animal Instagram accounts you need to follow right now

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Nothing lifts your spirits like cute animal pictures, right? Cute puppies, kittens, baby goats, fuzzy yellow chicks all have an instant mood lifting effect. I think we can all agree that if there's anything we need right now it is a mood lifter so I've rounded up a list of the best animal Instagram accounts you need to follow right now. Because if there was ever a time when the world needed more cute, fuzzy, and happy, this is it. 

Like most Gen X-ers, Facebook is my primary social media channel. If I wasn't a travel and lifestyle writer, I seriously doubt I'd pay as much attention to Instagram as I do. But in this very weird time on social media, Instagram is my lifeline. I'm unfollowing people left and right on Facebook to filter what I see when I log in but Instagram is a veritable smorgasbord of visual comfort.

If you like cute and interesting animals, hop on over and check out some of these animal Instagram accounts. Although this post is “all about the ‘gram” most of these animal friends have parallel Facebook pages so go crazy. Some even have blogs. 

The best animal Instagram accounts you need to follow right now

And, if you're reading this and you've been thinking about starting a pet Instagram account? What are you waiting for? These are in no particular order, although I admit to having a few favorites. 

Chunk the Groundhog

I think we can all relate to that “Groundhog Day” feeling right now so why not follow this cute rodent whose motto is “Chunk don't eat junk.”?

This Girl is a Squirrel

A squirrel named Jill? Obviously, I'm a fan. 

Cats Doing Things

This is a collection of…wait for it…cats doing things. All kinds of things, such as wearing hats, making messes and being generally adorable. Can you tell I'm a cat person? There's also a lot of funny cat memes. Who doesn't like that?

Esther the Wonder Pig

Get ready for some serious adorableness. 


If Daschschunds are your thing, here is one for you to stalk. They are NOT my thing. A cranky weenie named Otto traumatized me when I was six and I have not forgotten it. But…I'll admit, this one is kind of cute. From a distance. 

Tucker the Ginger Pupper

I'm just gonna say…you're welcome.

Ben Ben Cat Cat

AKA the saddest cat on the internet. Sad or not, he sure is a cutie. And, like Ringo Starr said: “I'm not sad. It's just me face.” Let's hope that holds true for Ben Ben.

Da Ginger Cat Twins

Did I mention my first love was a pair of orange and white cats? Later-to-be-named Janey and Tibby were treed by one of our dogs. We were already a three cat home and my evil parents said “NO WAY.” 

Long story short – Janey and Tibby were with my family for many years. I didn't completely win this battle – Janey actually went to another family for a little while but they ended up giving her back. I credit my near hysteria when they took her away as the reason. 

Bob the Writing Cat

I have a weakness for orange and white cats (see above) so this one is obviously a YASS for me. Bob says he is in a constant state of disgust because he lives in a house full of stupid cats. I can sort of relate. Sorry, family. 

Theo, Em, Henry, and Clementine

So. Much. Cat. Cuteness. SO MUCH.

Lincoln the Burmese Mountain Dog

And now we all want a Burmese Mountain Dog…

I am the cat photographer

This is a cute, whimsical account full of kitty cat cuteness. 

American Short Hair House

This account claims the American Short Hair is the cutest cat breed in the world. I don't think they're wrong.

Violette and Chou Chou

Just a couple of Yorkies living in Paris. And aren't those names just…tres adorable? 

Pixie the Rescue Puppy

This is a new account but it leaves you wanting to see what this rescue puppy in Arizona is going to do next. 

Oreo and Galaxy

Any black and white cat named Oreo gonna tug at my hearstrings. We had a black and white kitty named Oreo growing up. My grandad used to call him ornery-o. He was not wrong.

Barkley Theodore Oliver

Barkley is a seven-year-old poodle mix whose hobbies include chasing laser lights and long walks in the city.

Eddie the Smashing Dog

Eddie is just…well, smashing. His owner describes him as “just a little bit naughty.” I can see that but I'm sure Eddie gets away with a lot. 

Lily the Edelweiss Eurasier

Never heard of an Edelweiss Eurasier? Do yourself a favor and go check this girl out. She's stunning.

Copper Pedantri

Copper is a beautiful male Siberian Husky. The photography on this account is stunning. 

Max – Urban Bliss Dog

Urban Bliss Life is a popular foodie/lifestyle blog. Follow Ace, their black lab puppy and see  life in the Pacific NW through his eyes.

Rescue Pet Adventures

Follow three rescue pets Cleo, Nyx, and Ollie on their rescue pet adventures. Want to know why rescue pets are awesome? Follow these cuties. 

Boop My Nose

This is a feed dedicated to doggie noses. You tap their nose to “boop” it. Cute idea and clever gimmick to get lots of Instagram likes. Want to get your pup's nose “booped?” Tag your pics with #boopmynose

Meko and Magda – Bull Mastiffs

I love these big dogs. 

Freddie Mercury

Part dog, part bat? Freddie Mercury (I'm gonna assume no relation) is on a mission to bring happiness to all. I think he's succeeding. 

Daily Dose of Tim

If you've ever wondered about the life of a Chihuahua in Texas, wonder no more.


The Dogist

Lots and lots of different dogs. 

Camping with Dogs

For people who like camping. And dogs. And…obviously, those two things together. In all seriousness, there is some stellar photography on this account. 

Juniper Foxx

Follow the adventures of “the happiest fox.” I believe it!

Adventures of Molly and Riley

Follow two Morkies with enviable wardrobes that probably don't realize they're dogs. Shh. Don't tell them.

Olive and Gus

Boston Terriers, anyone?

Dog Fitness JRT

Follow the daily life of these Jack Russell Terriers. I'm not a “little dog” person but these guys are cuties.

Sweet Pea and Family

If you've ever wanted to follow the daily life of a macaw on social media, well…you're welcome.

Butters and Cartman

If you're a Corgi lover, this is your new favorite account to follow. I think they're weird looking little dogs but I'll concede that they're interesting, just because Queen Elizabeth has Corgies. I'm an anglophile – I admit it.

Teddy the Shetland

If you're still having issues with that pony your parents didn't buy you, meet Teddy. He dabbles in modeling and womanizing so enough said. 

Except that maybe it will reawaken that desire for a pony. Now that you're grown up, you can get your own. 

We Rate Dogs

If anyone admits to remembering Hot or Not, this is sort of the Hot or Not but with dogs. And not creepy.

Simba the Lion Paw

Simba's human is my friend Jill who lives about four hours away from me. After all this settles down, I'm going to go see this cat in person – I'm sort of obsessed with him. 

Dog Friendly SA

This San Antonio based “dog's eye view” account has lots of cute pooch faces and serves as a resource for dog owners in San Antonio.

A Pup Named Squish

A perfectly imperfect rescue pup promoting adoption and spreading happiness, one Squishy smile at a time.

Oscar the Bearded Dragon

Think mammals have the market cornered on cuteness? Oscar begs to differ. 

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