Disney’s Christopher Robin Landing Page

I was invited by Disney and Marvel Studios to the World Premiere of Disney's Christopher Robin in Los Angeles. During our whirlwind three days in the City of Angels, we also did some fun Marvel-themed activities and got some awesome behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at the upcoming Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck it Ralph.

Behind the scenes of Disney's Christopher Robin - Interview with Bronte Carmichael #ChristopherRobinEvent

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Interview with Director Marc Forster

My interview with the man behind Christopher Robin, Ewan McGregor

Interview with Hayley Atwell

Interview with Bronte Carmichael

Audio Comfort – Interview with Jim Cummings (voice of Winnie the Pooh & Tigger)

My red carpet experience – The World Premiere of Disney’s Christopher Robin

Next stop, Disney’s Christopher Robin Event

Hunny coated snack mix

Winnie the Pooh cupcakes

Delicious Hunny cakes

Why Ralph Breaks the Internet is your new favorite movie

A behind the scenes look at the Internet – Ralph Breaks the Internet

Behind the scenes with those scene-stealing princesses from Oh My Disney

Girl Power is the New Black – Interview with Trinh Tran (executive producer, Avengers Infinity War

Watching Avengers: Infinity War with Kids + Review of the Blu-ray bonus features