How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Around the World

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March 17th, or St Patrick's Day, marks the death of St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland. The religious basis of the holiday denotes St. Patrick's life and Christianity burrowing into Ireland. Today, many celebrate the holiday by dressing in green, engaging in parades, dancing with friends, and looking out for minuscule, fantastical leprechauns. Though the holiday spans from Ireland, countries worldwide celebrate the annual festivities with parades or bashes. Here's how to celebrate St Patrick's Day around the world. 

How to Celebrate St Patrick's Day Around the World

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How to celebrate St Patrick's Day around the world. Photo: Deposit Photos.

Want to celebrate St Patrick's Day somewhere other than your hometown? This list has you covered.


Why not traverse to the historically significant location of the holiday? Each year, Dublin hosts a St. Patrick's Festival, or a multi-day gathering full of food, floats, and green-donning attendees. The event kicks off on March 15th and runs through March 18th, while the parade commences on Sunday, the 17th, at noon. The all-ages event invites attendees to marvel at the extravagant displays trekking through the two-hour parade path. International marching bands, talented dance troupes, and marvelous green floats wade through the populated event. 

The festival picks a theme to permeate the parade and inspire the guests each year. This year, the selected theme is Spréach, or spark in Irish. The festival hopes to celebrate the Irish people and their lovely country by bringing over 500,000 people to the parade. Dancers, circus acts, and abstract and performance art events have their moments during the four-day festival. Standout events include a tumble circus and the Bollywood Ireland dance party.  


Boston bores a talented slew of musicians, one of the most notable being The Dropkick Murphys. The punk rock group comes from a Celtic background and acknowledges their pride and heritage with a four-night stop in Boston. Celebrate the holiday with a sing-along sesh to “I'm Shipping Up To Boston” in Beantown. 

Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade begins in South Boston, where countless floats drive through the Southie streets and thousands of pounds of beads fly through the air, landing with a lucky, green-toting guest. A 5K complements the parade for those looking to add some activity to the event. Entitled the St. Patrick's Day Road Race, the 5K welcomes 1,750 runners, giving the first 650 registrants a unique opportunity. The Dropkick Murphy's sponsor the race and lean on their proud Celtic heritage to design custom running shirts.


Did you know that Ireland and Argentina formed an Argentina-Ireland association? Many Irish residents migrated to Argentina, so the two countries maintained their tight-knit bond. Argentina celebrates El Día de San Patricio with the same fervor as Ireland. Though Argentina celebrates its historic ties with Ireland, the country and its residents acknowledge Argentina's customs and traditions. So, when locals or tourists search for Irish food on special days, they'll find traditional Irish eats embellished with Argentinian flair. 

Argentine celebrations emphasize the mythical Irish creatures, what with a parade of fairies, elves, and leprechauns prancing through the streets. Participants are encouraged to decorate outfits with elf ears, leprechaun hats, leaf crowns, and green. Lots and lots of green. 


A six-hour jubilee begins in Hyde Park at noon, inviting marching bands, floats, a bagpipe processional, and Irish dancers to the middle of Hyde Park during a 1.2-mile parade. The dancers and parade members rollick from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. The extravaganza, known as the Mayor of London's annual St Patrick's Day Festival, expects 50,000 participants to gather near Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus for the rendezvous. 

Similar to Boston, London hosts a pre-parade run, which materializes on the 16th. The fourth annual London St. Patrick's Day Run entrance fee costs around $25 and includes a pint of Guinness. The authentic Irish/British way to boogie. Racers jog a 5K around Hyde Park's The Serpentine (a lake). Following the race, runners meet at an Irish bar and sling back or two pints of Guinness. 

Hot Springs, Arkansas

The World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade occurs in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The parade crosses a whopping 98 feet on Bridge Street on the actual date of the Irish holiday. Emmitt Smith, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, is slated as this year's celebrity Grand Marshal. Smith will lead the events, and Forrie J. Smith, of Yellowstone fame, will launch the parade. Other riveting entertainment ranges from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, who also host pre-parade festivities, to free concerts by Pat Green and the Molly Ringwalds. The parade's opening ceremony moves forward at 6:25 with an official measurement, and the entertainment, floats, and cheerleaders roll out just five minutes later. 

Hot Springs lauds the holiday with a race featuring a twist. The World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Zero K spans over 299 feet and awards the best Irish-influenced costume and the slowest runner. Children, pets, and individuals who despise the art of pounding pavement with running shoes are encouraged to participate. The entry fee costs $25, with all proceeds donated to Tri-Lakes Casa, a charity supporting foster system advocates and children in foster care. The race starts at Bridge Street and runs until O'Kelley's Pub, “the world's biggest inflatable Irish popup pub.”

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