9 travel tips for couples

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If a getaway with your partner sounds like the ideal vacation, here are nine travel tips for couples. Traveling as a couple will give you an exclusive, inside look at the quirks and qualities that make your partner unique and one-of-a-kind—and vice versa. You’ll learn as much about each other as you will your travel destination. 

9 travel tips for couples

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Here are some helpful ways you can prepare for fun on your exciting adventure with your main squeeze, as well as helping you navigate any issues that might arise.

1. Plan the trip you’ll take together—together

Rule one when traveling as a couple is to plan together. If you hash out most big details at the beginning, you won’t have so many surprises along the way. You’ll also avoid any resentment or dissatisfaction that comes with activities or locations that your significant other doesn’t like to do or want to visit. If you’re more accustomed to being the planner of your duo, make a conscious effort to include your partner. They’ll feel equally part of the adventure, and you’ll both learn about what the other likes to do for fun.

2. Make sure you talk numbers

Even if you're uncomfortable talking about money, don't avoid discussing your vacation budget. Make sure you both know what the limit is for spending, and where areas are a bit more flexible to splurge. Pay for big things ahead of time so you’ll have less to worry about during your trip, and make sure you have a bit of a contingency, just in case. You can use a handy budget calculator for any destination to get you started.

3. Leave your work where it belongs—at work

The best vacations are unplugged vacations so plan ahead to leave work projects and work stress behind. If you're an entrepreneur or a remote worker and can't completely disengage from work, make sure those expectations are clearly laid out before your trip. 

4. Consider turning off social media

You'll connect more fully to your environment and your partner if you're not focused on scrolling or posting every detail of your adventure on social media, in real time. You can share photos when you get back. 

Not everyone can – or wants to – completely disengage from social media, so this is another thing to be on the same page about before you leave.  Also, there can be safety concerns associated with too much online sharing while you're away from home, so no matter what, be aware of your surroundings

5. Make sure to schedule relaxation time

Don’t book your holiday completely full of activities and itineraries. Yes, you should get out and see the amazing sites available to you, but you also don’t want to burn yourself out either. You’ll end up irritable and easy to anger. 

Plan real relaxation time together. You may find it also brings back the romance and passion that always seems to fizzle a bit during a stressful week at work. Studies show that couples that travel together tend to have a better romantic life, as well as healthier relationships in general—so take advantage!

6. Get a little ‘me’ time

Don’t forget though, it is also important to make sure you have time for yourself during your holiday. When you’re both planning the trip, schedule a day in which you both do your own thing. It’ll be exciting when you come back together in the evening to tell each other what you both did and discovered throughout the day. o a step further and make it a bit of date night after your day apart. You can meet at a restaurant you agree on beforehand—like strangers on a solo holiday—and get to know each other all over again.

7. Be your authentic self

Simply be unabashedly you. Grow out your beard like you’ve always wanted to, or go without any makeup if you want. You’ll both get more comfortable with the 100% real versions of each other—without all the other noise that work and life usually throw at you. You’ll be able to focus on the inner parts of yourselves and grow closer in the process.

8. Pick some spontaneous and weird things to do

Get excited about new places and let your inner child shine through. Pick a place on a map, and figure out a way to just pick up and drive there. Be open to not knowing what will happen next, and laugh at each other. You’ll find you let all your guards down for once—and it's fun!

9. Build dreams and goals together

There are always moments of introspection when you find yourself traveling to a new place. It could be a coastline, a mountainside, a medieval village, or a wide-open countryside that inspires you. A vacation is a great place to talk about dreams and goals, unless you're a very new couple, then maybe keep it light.  

Travel can bring people closer together in ways that are at times unexplainable.  Sharing the experience is sometimes the only way for someone to understand. Decide to take an adventure with your partner in crime. Navigating the possible hiccups along the way will be worth the rewards in memories, life lessons, and personal growth you both pick up along the way. The world is your oyster—go explore it!



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  1. Love this! I am enjoying every moment with my kids.. but my husband do like to talk about all the trips we will take when it is just the 2 of us again. 🙂

  2. Ah, I remember the days of traveling as a couple before kids! So special! Great advice here. I actually think turning off social media is the best advice of all! Great post!

    1. I like Instagram a lot, too. It’s usually the one social media I’ll plug in to when I say I’m unplugging. I can leave email and Facebook behind with some persuading but I’m always Instagramming on the weekends, especially when we go somewhere.

  3. My husband and I are getting away this weekend…kinda spur of the moment, but I look forward to planning for real getaways as our kids get older! Great tips!!