Family friendly things to do in Valencia Spain

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Valencia, Spain is a fantastic destination for families looking to travel with kids. With its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy regardless of age. Here are three family friendly things to do in Valencia Spain. 

1. Guided Family Tour 

The València family tour brings you around popular sights and landmarks in Valencia Spain. The kids can dress up as knights and princesses while listening to the histories behind the castles, squares and towers.

Understanding the real people behind the characters and their stories is exciting and intriguing and compels kids to discover even more. There are also games and activities at each historical site that are interactive while you learn important facts about the city, which makes this especially appealing to families looking for things to do in Valencia Spain. 

2. Museums in Valencia

 If you're looking for things to do in Valencia Spain alongside your kids, a fun museum should be at the top of your list. There are plenty of interactive options that are sure to be educational and thrilling for all members of the family.

You can travel to the City of Arts and Sciences Science Museum, where the kids are the stars; time flies in the museum as they participate in interactive displays and instructional scientific activities.  L'Hemisfèric, a digital cinema next to the museum, offers 3D movies that bring science and nature to life. It will also be worth it to visit Oceanogràfic, Europe's largest aquarium, where visitors are taken on a voyage across the world's seas and oceans, showcasing the planet's most remarkable marine ecosystems.

3. One of the best things to do in Valencia Spain? Stroll through the lovely parks

València has the Jardin del Turia, which is five miles of beautiful patrkland that stretches through the city. It contains a cycling path, a running track, soccer grounds, and snack shops where you may dine or drink vermouth, a Valencian tradition. You can also rent a bike and ride around the bike trails, stopping at attractions such as Gulliver Park, or take a guided cycling tour. Other green spaces to visit are the Botanical Gardens, Jardines del Real, the Gardens of Monforte, Ayora, Park del Oeste and Benicalap.

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