Stitch Fix Review #3

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If you missed my first two Stich Fix reviews or if you’re wondering why an ordinary woman who has very little fashion sense is putting fashion posts on her mostly parenting blog, you can visit my Stitch Fix landing page HERE.

My stylist’s note reminded me that this was my fourteenth fix – wow. I’ve had some good boxes and some duds (see what I did there?) but I’ve noticed things have definitely improved when I put forth a little bit of effort to communicate with my stylist and let her know why I do or do like something and make suggestions for what I'd like to see. Or in this case, my stylists. I keep saying I’m not super thrilled with the revolving door stylists (this is my third fix in a row where I’ve had different stylists) but they’ve all done pretty well. Consistency would be nice, though.

I'd asked my stylist(s) for some specific items – a pair of jeans that was cut like the red short in THIS fix and some specific tops that were on one of my previous style cards. I'd also explained I was going to a conference at Universal Studios and that I might like some short or an easy, casual dress to wear to that.

By the looks of this fix, I don’t think Camille really grasped the concept of the Family Forward conference/retreat, but that’s okay. I could have explained it better and I loved the easy, casual dress I got in the box but the idea of wearing an adorable burgundy sweater dress to a theme park in Florida in September made me laugh.

So here's my rundown of fix number 14 which is really fix number three as far as what I've documented on this blog. Are you totally confused now?

The bag!

Interestingly, Camille’s note to me didn't mention a bag but if you look at my “My Style Ideas” Pinterest board, you can see that I’ve pinned a lot of similar bags. It thrills me that they’re paying attention to my tastes and looking at my Pinterest boards.

I love this bag. I love the camel color and the fact that it's big enough to carry my laptop and assorted mom paraphernalia. It could also work as an overnight bag or a diaper bag, although I’m happy to be out of the diaper bag stage. It’s a nice neutral and I’m crazy about the color. I also love the way it smells. Does anyone else smell their leather stuff?

Stitch Fix review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

I tell ya, Stich Fix has knocked it out of the park when it comes to bags. This is the third bag they’ve sent me and I’ve loved them all. Great quality, unique details and at really good price points. I’m not a designer bag kind of girl…I hate carrying a bag with someone’s logo on it (sorry, Michael Kors) but I also like nice leather, fun details and good quality.

Keeper. Obviously.

Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Jeans

I specifically asked for these. I got some Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend shorts in a previous fix and I loved the fit. I could not be happier with these jeans. They’ve got some stretch to them and they’ll probably give as I wear them. I thought about exchanging them for the next size down but I think they’d be too snug in the waist. I’m tall and they’re a great length uncuffed but I like the cuffed look until it gets really cold. Or, at least what passes for “really cold” where I live.

Stitch Fix Review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
When I walked out of the house fully dressed followed by my husband holding a camera, my two little guys were not convinced we were not, in fact, leaving them in the house by themselves. Not that we'd ever do that but that explains the two kids nonchalantly playing with their tablets while I'm awkwardly posing.


Crochet Dress

This dress is what made me realize that Camille didn’t have a good read on my upcoming conference. I would NEVER wear this dress to Universal Studios and I doubt anyone else would, either.

Stitch Fix Review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

I’d given Stitch Fix the okay to send me some of their premium brands, which means more expensive labels but this dress is waaaaaaaaaaaaay over budget for me. I absolutely love the way it looks and fits but I don’t love the way it feels. It’s a polyester-merino wool blend and I need an undershirt to be even semi-comfortable in this one and it looked really weird and bulky with an undershirt. I love the maroon color. It’s dark and slimming but it’s a little jazzier than basic black.

It was really hard to send this back. It was uncomfortable and expensive and even though I loved the style and fit, I'm afraid the itchy-ness would cause it to stay in the closet. If I'm going to spend that much money on a dress, I need to know I'll wear it a lot.

Green cardigan

I’d expressed a want for a cardi in a fun color, so it makes me happy that Camille was trying to honor that. I don’t love this color, though. I like Kelly green and I like teal but this one falls somewhere in between and I just don’t love it. I thought it looked a little bit “old lady-ish” and, while I usually push the sleeves of my cardis up, I don’t like the elbow length of this one.

Stitch Fix Review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
This shows up as more Kelly green in the photo than it really is. Also, I'm going to eventually have to get over that “just take my picture, this is so awkward” look, right?

Easy decision. Sent back, but I’d still like my stylist to keep trying to find a cardi in a statement color. Maybe a violet or a burnt orange? Yes?

Striped tee shirt

I love this shirt. It’s soft and delicious and the elbow pads are a super yummy suede like material. It’s the perfect weight for a fall top for Texas because it’s not too heavy. However, (cue sad trombone) it’s too big for me. I like the fit and the length but it was too big in the arms. Like the dress, it was expensive enough to where I felt I had to send it back for not being perfect.

Stitch Fix Review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
The awkward face we all know and love…you love it, right?

So, I kept the jeans and the bag and I'm happy with that. With the exception of the sweater, I loved everything and it was very much to my taste.

I'm looking forward to getting my next fix. If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, please feel free to use my code. I'll get a $25 credit when your first box ships and you'll have my undying love and gratitude. Who wouldn't like that? If you have a style ideas board on Pinterest, you can use the image below!

My next review is supposed to have all dresses so I'm looking forward to seeing what I get. And yeah…I need to do something to improve the aesthetics of my front porch, huh?

Stitch Fix review #3|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I got my first pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans at the Nordstrom sale this year and Oh sweet mercy!!! Yeah, apparently once you wear a premium denim you understand and/or compensate the price point. Now let’s talk about that bag!! Seriously I’m like in love with it and then you said you smelled it and I was like oy vay…this bag needs to be in my life. So yes, I smell my leather stuff too! haha (p.s. I actually think it’s nice seeing someone else uncomfortable with photos… at least I don’t feel like I must be the only one in the world who wasn’t born a natural model)

    Now give us some deets on that bag please!!!! 🙂

  2. I love that you claim the awkward. I’m the same way – I hate to pose on my blog, but props to your hubby for taking the pictures. I would have had to get my 10yo to do it.

    I LOVE that bag. I haven’t yet tried Stitch Fix because I keep hearing about revolving doors of stylists AND because I seriously need to update my Pinterest board because I haven’t pinned stuff since I’ve gained 15 pounds…..

  3. Wow that bag is fabulous! Sorry the dress didn’t work out, I’ve tried using them for a conference before and didnt get exactly what I was hoping for either. Still, plenty of pleasant surprises along the way. Some of my favorite blouses came from Stitch Fix

    They used to send me blazers on blazers on blazers. I have never worn blazer, but if you’re looking for a REALLY bright blue one …. I can hook you up!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s the ONE style card I cannot find – of course. It’s an “Under One Sky” bag and I THINK it’s called a two in one or something along those lines. It’s got an inside compartment that can anchor in or be left out that has several zippers in it for your different stuff. I like just using it as a tote bag but it’s a neat feature. The shoulder strap is detachable. It was in the 70-80 dollar range and it’s really nice leather and of a good size. I’ll try to find a picture of my with it. I seriously carry it almost daily. I love it.

  4. I always like finding another mom’s Stitch Fix reviews. I am a KFTK jeans fan, as well, and I am pinning that bag! You’ve also made me think I need to up my price range, at least in a couple of categories. I’ve gotten a lot of misses that just look cheap or meant for a 22 year old.