1. Tracy Lindley says

    OMG, next to the phrase, “You’ve sure got your hands full” when I go out with my four kids under 8, THIS is the next most obnoxious question ever. Great article and I feel ya!

  2. Ceci says

    “…while my days are mostly self-directed, I don’t have a lot of “free time” to relax….” Thank you for this! I, too, am a stay-at-home mom with kids in school, but I am busier than ever! I remember days at work (outside the home) when I would check my email, shop online, & chit-chat with colleagues in between meetings and actual work. I don’t have that kind of downtime at home, and I so appreciate your words because I finally feel like someone else understands!

    • Andrea Marlene says

      Oh, I TOTALLY understand! I even get frustrated with myself for not being able to get more done during the day, but really, by 2:30 I’m already at their school for pick-up so despite what some people think it’s not THAT much time I’m without them. So when they’re gone it’s a mad dash to get as much done as I can. Sounds the same for you! Glad you enjoyed my piece. 🙂
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  3. kimmie says

    Seriously waited until my youngest started Middle School before I got a “job”. I substitute teach 3 days a week. I started “any day” the first few months and then realized I wasn’t getting any of MY STUFF done! Best way to use my years of classroom volunteer and PTO mom.

  4. Millie says

    Actually, I *would* think it would be a luxury to be a stay-at-home wife and mom with the kids in school. At the moment I have 4 kids under the age of four, and I can rarely get anything I want to do done. I also plan to homeschool. If there was a good, Catholic K-12 school nearby, they would go there. I would finally have time to do things a HOUSEKEEPER needs to do! Actually clean, scrub those bathroom floors, have all the laundry done, go food shopping by myself, run whatever errands, etc. And — oh my gosh — be able to keep up the yard and have a garden! I would love to do yard work! Oh, and maybe paint a room or two. Put my sewing machine back into use. Put our wedding album together (after 5 years of marriage, I still haven’t put our wedding album together…).

    So, in my eyes, you do have luxury — to get things done! 🙂


  1. […] I don’t remember who said it, but one of the most empowering statements I’ve read is this: “Yes, you can have it all, but first you must decide what your ‘all’ is.” Don’t let someone else’s expectations dictate your all — decide it for yourself. Really, why do they care what you do all day? […]

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