25 New Year’s Eve Activities With Kids

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We've set the bar high for New Year's Eve celebrations. Before we became parents, my husband and I did things like reserve a room at a fancy hotel and party it up until the wee hours. Now we usually stay home. In the interest of helping my fellow parents out, I've prepared this list of 25 New Year's Eve Activities with kids.

25 New Year's Eve Activities With Kids

We did all kinds of fun stuff BK – Before Kids. We've gone to Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland (sort of the Scottish version of Time Square), had game nights with friends, fancy dinners, pub crawls, and all sorts of fun stuff that perpetually tired people don't do. 

New Year's Eve Activities with kids take place well before midnight so for those of you who want to be snoozing on the couch wrapped in a snuggie before the stroke of midnight, I see you. 

I've got you. 

There's a lot to be said for a family-friendly New Year's Eve Celebration. There's almost zero pressure. If I comb my hair, my kids tell me I'm pretty so that sets the grooming bar pretty low, just where I like it. 

25 Family Friendly New Years Eve Activities|RIpped Jeans and Bifocals
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This list is a great combination of games, family-friendly New Year's Eve dinner ideas, family-friendly New Year's Eve Party ideas, decorations, and fun ways to count down the hours and minutes until midnight (or noon if you're doing noon year) and so much more. 

No matter what your idea of a great family-friendly New Year's celebration is, I know you've come to the right place to find a great way to ring in the new year with your kids.

Have fun with these New Year's Eve activities for kids. And Happy Early New Year!  

1. Mini Ball Drop 

2. DIY Party Crackers 

3. Count Down Bags 

4. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss 

5. DIY Fringe Mylar Pom-Poms 

6. Have a Coloring Contest 

7. Fun Fizz Countdown – Super Fun New Year's Eve Activities with Kids 

8. Confetti Countdown Boxes 

9. DIY Party Hats 

10. Photo Props 

11. Play Telephone Pictionary 

12. Build A Family Time Capsule 

13. Confetti Poppers 

14. Memory Jar 

15. Paper Plate Clock 

16. DIY Straw Noisemakers 

17. Jenga with a Twist 

18. Spoon Catapult and other Minute to Win it Games 

19. Make New Year’s Predictions 

20. Make a Gratitude Jar 

21. Make a Collage of the Year 

22. Decorate a New Year’s Tree – One of our favorite New Year's Eve activities with kids!

23. DIY Hand Drums 

24. Confetti Balloons 

25. Balloon Countdown 

If you've got any other great ideas for family-friendly New Year's Eve activities I could add to this list, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. Spending with kids and Family develops relationships. Also, it would be a great memory thorough out the life. All the activities listed are good. However, the difficult part is organizing. I leave it to my VA at Habiliss. He is my best to take care of all the things to be done.

  2. Gosh, this is very helpful. I am planning for New Year activities that I can organize for our big family. Then, I found this. I might try the Memory Jars and the Noisemaker (plus others). Thanks for this. Xoxo.