Lunchbox Printables that show your kids you love them

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It's that time of year. I know a lot of you are virtual schooling or home schooling this year but for many of you, in-person school is starting next week or has already started. If you're looking for lunchbox printables that show your kids you love them,  I've got you covered. And, even if your kids are learning at home, a little love note tucked into their lunch or even hidden under their plate is fun.

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This post is part of a back-to-school series I'm writing for parents. I might not know it all – or even know a lot – but I have put together a growing list of resources for parents as they prepare for and settle into the 2020 school year. See the full 2020 Back-to-School Toolkit here.

Lunchbox Printables that show your kids you love them

So. I'm not one of those uber Pinterest moms who makes every minor holiday into a major event. I call it a win when my kids get out the door on time with matching shoes…forget matching socks. Mornings and organization are definitely not my strong suit, although I do try. 

I'm sharing two sets of fun lunchbox printables that you can slip into your kids' lunches to brighten their day a little bit. You might feel like patting yourself on the back for your level of mom coolness – totally okay if you do that. 

These are easy to print, cut, and place into a kitchen drawer. You can also keep them handy wherever you have your lunch supplies stored – if you are in fact organized to have such a place in your kitchen. Spoiler alert: I am not. 

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1. Punny food-themed lunchbox printables

These food-themed lunchbox printables are especially fun if you can pair them with the type of food they mention – although that's totally not necessary. I'm pretty sure I've never put miso soup or waffles in my kids' lunchbox, but I know everyone has different levels of lunch box creativity. 

These also have a little bit of white space on them so you can personalize your note to your kids. 

Cute, food-themed lunchbox printables

2. Trolls lunchbox printables

Who doesn't love Poppy and Branch? With Trolls 2 World Tour released earlier this year, kids are loving all things Trolls even more. coming out in April, the hype and interest in all things Troll is going to increase. These Trolls lunchbox printables are definitely a way to increase your parent cool factor. The only possible way to kick up your level of parental coolness is to grab one of these Trolls lunchboxes or some of these Trolls reusable sandwich bags. The lunchbox and sandwich bags are all Poppy (AKA pretty girly) so boys might not want to use them, although I am certainly not suggesting boys can't or shouldn't. I wish they made more Branch merchandise, like this stinkin' adorable hat

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I love how these lunchbox printables are so affirming. Everyone needs that extra bit of encouragement and love sometimes. I love how these remind kids that they're unique, valued and loved. 

Affirming Trolls-themed lunchbox notes printables

I hope you enjoy these two sets of printables! I know this school year is a little bit weird so it's fun to give our kids that little extra love or maybe even a sense of normalcy. A little thing like putting a printable into a lunchbox or near their plate can really big a big deal. And, I know moms have a lot to remember right now so give yourself some grace if this seems like too much to do every day. 

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Reusable brown paper bag

Sandwich cutter set

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Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottles

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Silicone Baking Cups (these make great snack separators if you're doing the Bento thing)

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