How to Avoid a UTI This Summer – Don’t Let This Be What Ruins Your Vacation Plans

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According to the Urology Care Foundation, Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are more common during the summer. Since you don't want a UTI to put a damper on your summer travel plans, here are six tips for how to avoid a UTI this summer.

UTIs are more common during the summer because the warmer weather makes it easier for bacteria to grow. Dehydration and holding your urine, because you're outside for longer periods of time, can also contribute to getting a UTI. UTIs are no fun any time of year but no one wants to be sidelined during their summer vacation. Follow these tips to help you avoid a UTI this summer. 

How to Avoid a UTI This Summer – Don't Let This Be What Ruins Your Vacation Plans

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From staying hydrated to not peeing in the pool – yes, really – here's what to do to avoid a UTI. Data courtesy of Utiva Health. And, some of these tips are things your parents probably told you to do or things you've told your kids to do or not do. It's simple advice but good reminders of self-care measures to avoid a UTI. Yes, UTIs are easily treatable but no one wants to mess with that during summer vacation. 

1. Drink Water

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Staying hydrated helps flush bacteria out of your body. Plus, it helps prevent other problems, such as heat exhaustion. 

2. Change Into Dry Clothing After Swimming

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Lounging around in a wet bathing suit for too long can contribute to a UTI. Bring a spare suit or dry clothes to change into after being in the water. 

3. Wipe Front To Back

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Wiping front to back helps keep bacteria from finding its way into your urethra. 

4. Don't Hold Your Pee

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When you have to go, go. Also, pee before and after intimate activity to help avoid bacteria spread. 

5. Don't Pee in the Pool

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Your parents probably told you not to do this and you probably did it anyway but there's a medical reason to avoid doing this. Pools that are not well cared for or have low chlorine levels may harbor bacteria that can get into the urinary tract. 

6. Consider Cranberry Supplements

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Whether you believe cranberry juice helps treat or prevent a UTI or not, one thing almost everyone can agree on is that cranberry juice contains a lot of sugar. To avoid sugar and still get the health benefits of cranberries, consider a cranberry supplement, which is easily available at your local pharmacy or big box store. Utiva makes cranberry supplements as well as home test strips and UTI wipes. If you are prone to UTIs, you may want to stock up on these items for summer. 


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