Arbonne Haul – What I loved and what I probably won’t buy again.

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 I ordered a large shipment of Arbonne products last month. After watching one of their reps on Instagram for several months, I finally decided to take the plunge and order. Here's what I got in my Arbonne haul and what I thought of each product.

I started following “A Traveling Treat” on Instagram because it was – and is – a funny and informational flight attendant account. As a frequent traveler, I found her airplane posts relatable and insightful. As I began to watch her stories regularly, I saw more and more focus on her side hustle selling Arbonne. I'd heard of the products before – although I'd previously honed in on their skin care and makeup line and not their nutrition products. 

My Arbonne Haul – What I loved & what I probably won't reorder

Arbonne products have always intrigued me but the cost scared me off until now. I ended up buying a bundled special that included the following products at an advertised 40% off rate:

  • Coffee Flavored Protein Powder
  • Raspberry Truffle Protein Powder
  • Superfood Greens Powder (2)
  • Strawberry Energy Fizz
  • Citrus Energy Fizz
  • Gut Health Probiotic Powder 
  • Cleanse Tox (2)
  • Detox Tea (2)

Here's what I thought after using all of these products for roughly a month. 

Feel Fit Pea Protein Powder – Love & will buy again…

…in spite of the stinkin' high price tag. 

Protein powder is expensive everywhere but Arbonne's Feel Fit Protein is pricier than average. A two pound bag of protein powder is $79, $63.20 for a preferred client, which I am.

I paid an extra fee when I placed my first order to get the discount. This also allows Christa to shop for me – I can text her and just tell her what I want versus ordering through the site myself. I like the convenience of being able to do this but I can also see it as an easy way to go crazy with spending. 

This is much pricier than the Orgain Vegan Protein Powder I was buying from Amazon or Costco (and still use for my kids) and the Whey Protein Powder we used to buy before I switched to plant-based protein. The draw for me? The unique flavors. In addition to the ones I mentioned above, Arbonne also offers Banana Pancake protein powder, which I plan to grab in my next order. I doubt I'd splurge for their chocolate or vanilla protein – and certainly not while I still have those flavors of Orgain in my pantry. The fun flavors are definitely a game changer, though. 

The Raspberry Truffle and Banana Pancake powders are listed on the Arbonne site as “limited time” and accompanying social media urges to get them before they're gone. I like this protein powder a lot but the use of the scarcity marketing principle is irritating. 

These are the blenders I use. I have two because someone drinks a smoothie at least once a day at our house. These are both higher priced blenders but we've had them both for over five years and they get a regular workout. 

Breville Super Q

Ninja Foodi Power Blender

BeWell Superfood Greens – Love and will probably buy again.

I honestly expected to hate this stuff. I don't like the taste of spinach or kale and although I eat green leafy vegetables because they're healthy, I work hard to prepare them or mix them up with other food so I don't have to taste them. 

The price is $54, $43.20 for preferred clients for a 7.8 ounce jar, which lasts surprisingly long. I've been drinking a scoop of this every morning mixed with cold water and a fizz stick – more about fizz in a minute.  

This is the Blender Bottle I bought off Amazon. The metal ball does a good job with mixing the powder well and works great for on the go. 

It was pretty gross at first. I tried to make it with as little water as possible so I could chug it down in five-six big gulps. I almost lost it – like literally – the first week. Christa told me it would taste better as my body adjusted to it and she was right. While I can't say I love it, I can add more water and sip it now, which I usually do while I'm getting ready in the morning. 

This makes me feel good, both mentally and physically, and it's filling a nutritional gab that my food doesn't always cover. I have skipped my green drink only once and that was when the contractors were working on my kitchen and had my pantry blocked off. I ever travel with it now and feel like it's firmly part of my routine. I am really proud that I've formed this healthy habit. 

The only reason this isn't a “definitely will buy again” is that I want to compare ingredients to other greens powders out there. There are a ton on Amazon that are much less expensive so I want to do some looking so I can decide if I want to continue to pay Arbonne prices. 

Energy Fizz – Love and will buy again

Fizz is natural energy and a little bit of caffeine in a single serve pouch, kind of like a water flavor mix in with some extra good stuff in it. I bought the citrus and strawberry flavors with my original order and grabbed the grapefruit (which is also listed as “limited time” on the Arbonne website) in a subsequent order. 

The Fizz is what saves my morning green drink from being totally gross and I like the way it makes me feel. My goal for this year was to cut down on coffee with the ideal being completely cutting it out eventually.

I drink about 3/4 cup of coffee in the morning and haven't reached for a second cup in a long time. That initial cup combined with the Fizz in my green drink which I drink right after the coffee keep me feeling energized. I'll sometimes mix another Fizz in with my water during the day if I feel like I need a pick me up. It does contain some caffeine so I've avoided drinking it after dinner. 

In addition to the flavors I mentioned, Fizz also comes in pomegranate and blood orange. It's $57 ($45.60 for preferred clients) for a package of 30 pouches, which is a lot but I haven't found anything comparable and I really like the taste of these. Before this, I was drinking zero calorie fizzy seltzer flavored with aspartame. I like Fizz a lot better and feel better about reaching for this. 

Gut Health Probiotic Pack – Won't order again

This supplement pack is listed as a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes to maintain gut health, although none of the things written about this product are supported by the FDA. 

This powder mixes easily with water and so it's quick to mix in any smoothie or drink – I put it in my greens drink each morning until the supply that came with my bundle was gone.

I'm just not sold on this one. It's pricey – $58 and $46 for preferred clients – for a 30-day supply and there are other probiotic supplements out there for way less. Maybe I'll notice a difference in the way I feel without taking it every day but so far, I haven't. 

Cleanse Tox – won't order again

This is advertised as a gentle cleanse and is priced at $58, $46.40 for preferred customers, for seven packets, It's advertised as containing magnesium, choline, ginger, and other botanicals to detox your system and support your GI tract. Again, these statements aren't supported by the FDA.

This isn't a “better stay near the bathroom” kind of cleanse so it is true as advertised as far as gentle goes. I definitely noticed a difference in my bowel movements for a couple of days, so I'd say it was cleansing something. For the price, I didn't see any overwhelming results and I didn't like that I couldn't keep it dissolved in my water. 

I was told to dissolve the package in hot water and then add it to my ice water and sip it throughout the day, which I did. It doesn't stay dissolved so you'll have to keep shaking or stirring if you put your drink down for more than a few minutes. It does taste, good – almost as good as Chick Fil A lemonade. 

I'm just not super convinced I need to detox and cleanse anything. I feel like if I need to buy a cleanse, I'd have to love it a lot for this price and this didn't meet that threshold for me.

I do have a second 7-day pack that came with my bundle. I'm sure I'll try it again sometime and if I get different results, I'll update this. 

Detox Tea – won't order again

This is advertised as clean herbal tea and runs you $20 ($16 for preferred clients) for 20 tea bags, which is a LOT for tea. This tea contains ingredients to support the liver and kidneys such as  Milk Thistle, Peppermint, Dandelion, Sweet Fennel, Elder Flower, Nettle Leaf, Parsley, Uva Ursi and Licorice. While the Arbonne website again reminds us that these statements haven't been evaluated by the FDA, I'm familiar with some of these natural ingredients and know they support liver and digestive functions so I feel the claims are legit, albeit maybe not worth that steep price. 

I am just not a tea person. I'm embarrassed to tell you how many tea bags and packets of loose tea I have in my home that have been in my cabinets since forever. It always seems like a good idea to buy it and that's about as far as I get. 

Nothing negative to say about this tea but I have not reached for it and would have subbed it for another product if I could have. 

If you buy Arbonne…

Order from Christa! She's really nice and accessible and I like supporting her business. 

Check out the bundles. If certain products appeal to you, check out other products they're grouped with for a potential discount – but check individual prices to make sure. This is what I did. It was a good way to try various Arbonne products and I found a few things I want to stick with. 

I was initially interested in Arbonne's skincare line so I look forward to trying that out in the future, too. They have all kinds of good stuff and they advertise clean ingredients, so if that appeals to you, definitely check them out. 

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  1. Have you done a comparison of the Arbonne Superfood Greens to other green powders yet? I was thinking of doing the same to possibly find something cheaper but equally as good.