A New Online Home for Listen to Your Mother San Antonio

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One of the projects I've been most proud to be a part of in recent years is the Listen to Your Mother Show. I'm moving into my fifth year with the show and I always tell people that Listen to Your Mother is like my fourth child. If you've landed here on my personal website looking for Listen to Your Mother San Antonio show or audition info, I'm happy you found me. I'm also happy and excited to tell you that the show has a new online home on the SATX Storytellers website

A New Online Home for Listen to Your Mother San Antonio

What's changed? Not much – just the name of the website

Nothing has really changed the show between last year and this year but since the show is becoming a popular event in San Antonio, it needed it's own online home. Listen to Your Mother has been a force in live storytelling since 2010 but if you've been around a minute, you may remember that 2017 was announced as the culminating or finale season. Up until then, all Listen to Your Mother shows across the U.S. and Canada were together on one website. 

Since Listen to Your Mother is an independent production licensed by Miracle Or 2, a theatrical company in New York, we're responsible for maintaining our own web presence, should we choose to have one. 

Jennie and I decided to go forward with our 2019 on a relatively tight timeline. I had a website, so we used a little corner of that. Easy decision and it worked. 

Listen to Your Mother San Antonio on Social Media

You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest updates on the show. 

If you have a question about the show or would like to be a sponsor? Email us at listentoyourmothersanantonio@gmail.com

Want to audition? Even better. Reach out to us soon – auditions are held by appointment only on January 31/February 1 and spots are filling up fast!

Want tickets? Get them here but don't wait? We sold out completely before show day last year. 



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