The 10 Funniest Things on the Internet in May

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I did a roundup in early February of the funniest things I saw on the internet during the month of January – read it here. I had fun putting it together and said something like “if people like it, I'll make this a regular thing.”

And suddenly, it's June.

Seriously, where has the first half of this year gone?

I love a good laugh. I have my serious moments and plenty of them but there is some funny stuff on the Internets and I love sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Laughing is good and I'll tell you – May has been kind of a mean and nasty month on the Internet, so if I can counterbalance some of the ick by spreading some funny, I'm going to do it. So there.

Here are five hilarious memes that have been making the rounds on Facebook and five tweets from my “funny tweeps” Twitter list that I think are shareworthy. Maybe you've seen some of this stuff. Maybe some of it will be new to you.

Laugh a little. Or, a lot. It's good for you. And seriously, how is it June?  Someone needs to explain that to me.

First, Twitter. I'm on Twitter as @JillinIL. As in Jill in Illinois. I live in Texas, but don't let that get confusing. Come and follow me and we can have great conversations in 140 characters or less.

If you want to share these or follow these people, just click on the box and you'll magically be transported to Twitter. But come back, okay?

1. There should be something on HGTV about this situation…

2. This made me laugh way too much…

3. Ugh. Windows 10…

4. There's an idea…

5. Empty Parenting Threats FTW!

And now on to Facebook! If you want to share these on Facebook just click the image and you're there. It's like magic, right?

[Tweet “The 10 funniest things on the internet in May”]

1. The pooping…

2. Much, much worse…

3. I bet I can get to 83. Or 84…

4. So this is more inspirational than funny but I had to include it because we all need a little inspiration, right?

5. A little project thing with the curtains. Riiiiiiiiight.

If my list of the 10 funniest things on the internet in May has made you laugh and smile, please SHARE them so other people can laugh and smile. And, if you're not following me on Facebook, you SHOULD. We’re laughing a lot over there and you don’t wanna be missing out.

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The 10 funniest things on the internet in May|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

If you find something LOL worthy on the internets you think I should share for a future “10 funniest things” then email me! I’m at  Just put FUNNY as your subject line so it doesn’t get lost among the offers for Viagra and walk-in bathtubs…which I don't find funny at all.

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