Why I’m doing the AdventHealth 21 Day Feel Whole Challenge

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I know…it's another post about a challenge that talks about why we should all do more of this thing and less of that thing. I can sense your virtual eye roll. But the AdventHealth 21 Day Feel Whole Challenge is different.

It is.

Why I'm doing the AdventHealth 21 Day Feel Whole Challenge

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I'm tired of focusing on what I'm going to cut out of my life. I'm tired of having my self-worth measured by how many times I go to the gym in any given week…by the way, probably not enough by anyone's standards. The gym is the place where the exercise equipment lives…right? Just kidding. Kinda. Maybe. 

21 day feel whole challenge with AdventHealth

Oh boy. Another blogger posting about another challenge. 

But seriously. The internet is a wonderful thing and I love being able to connect and learn and share stories. But I gotta tell you…some of these “challenges” leave me feeling like I've failed before I even get started. I want to focus on my fitness and wellness (mind, body and spirit) but I want to do it in a realistic way that suits my life as it is right now. I want a challenge (because who doesn't love a good challenge) that I'm actually excited about versus a challenge I'm dreading.

I've tried two different “nutrition” plans over the past year that have left me feeling deprived and ultimately, defeated. Not a good place to be. I want to feel whole and healthy and…well, I want to focus on myself with a challenge that makes me feel positive.  That's what appealed to me the most about the AdventHealth 21 Day Feel Whole Challenge. 

I'm a little nervous. I'm “putting it out there” which implies pressure to finish what I'm starting. Not entirely a bad thing, right?

What makes you feel good and whole?

For the next 21 days, I'm going to focus on wellness and what makes me feel good and feel whole. Wanna join me? Follow me on Instagram this month to see stories and pictures that focus on wellness and feeling whole. I love the idea of focusing on mind, body, and spirit without neglecting any of the three. Balance is sometimes hard for me and that's one of the reasons I'm excited about this challenge.

I really need this. Perhaps you do, too. Honestly? I'm kind of “challenged out”  but this one really spoke to me and I hope it will speak to you. 

The BEST part of this? You can decide when your 21 days starts. No pressure to adhere to any timeline other than the one you set. Cool, right?

Want to learn more about the AdventHealth 21 Day Feel Whole Challenge?

Check out the Feel Whole Challenge calendar here:


Entirely do-able, right? 

I'm not the most buff and trim girl out there. I don't always eat the way I know I should. I don't always drink the amount of water my body needs. Sometimes, I neglect my self care. I don't get enough sleep and put relaxing and recharging at the very bottom of my priority list.

If you can relate to ANY of this, I encourage you to follow my journey. I hope it inspires you to start your own.





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