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Talking to kids about adoption is something that every adoptive family experiences. Sometimes the conversations are difficult. Actually, I bet a lot of conversations involving talking to kids about adoption are difficult.

Today's Adoption Talk Linkup topic is “talking about adoption.”

Talking about adoption can mean a lot of things: It can mean talking to your partner about adoption maybe being the right choice for your family. It can mean talking to other people in your circles to help them understand your adoption. It might mean talking to a birth parent or having the difficult conversations that lead up to deciding to be a birth parent. It might mean dealing with the really dumb questions people might ask about adoption.

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If you haven't checked out our Adoption Talk Linkup, the best way to describe it is diverse. We approach adoption from all sides, or at least we try to. I firmly believe the information our collective puts out helps people. It informs, it builds connections and sometimes, it entertains although that last part is usually me poking fun at myself.

Instead of writing about talking about adoption I decided to change it up and TALK to you about talking about adoption. That seemed to make more sense so behold my video masterpiece. Actually, video masterpiece might be setting the bar a little bit high.

I hope you took a minute to watch the video or bookmark it for later but the gist of my conversation is that right now, for our family, talking about adoption means talking to our kids about their adoption and being there to answer questions and offer support as the conversations are taking a more difficult turn. We haven't yet had either child come out and ask “the big why” but that's a natural course of conversation that I'm bracing myself for. In my vlog (that's video blog for you people that aren't as fancy as me) I refer to it as a time bomb and that's a perfect way to describe how I feel about their adoption questions. It's not “if” it is “when” and you never know when until they hit you up with a tough question while you're standing in the middle of Costco or something.

If adoption is part of your family makeup or it's something you're considering from any angle, please check out our linkup that happens every first and third Thursday.

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  1. Like the angle you took for this topic. 🙂

    Yes, the bomb has blown in our household and I’m surprised there were survivors… I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the therapy jar is big enough for the high school years….