Squatty Potties in China

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When I got home from China, I was going to write a post on squatty potties and I just never did.  But, I took a picture of one…see?

There was a lot of discussion on squatty potties in the online adoption groups I am a part of – many of you reading this blog may have located it through one of those groups. 
Although I didn’t write a post on squatty potties (yeah, I know, technically this is one), someone else did.  In great detail, I might add.  And while this dude seriously exaggerates, he is entertaining.  Anyone who begins a sentence with the words “For the penised” is funny in my book.   


Squatty potties were not as big of a deal for me as they were for some travelers.  I have traveled to Asia and the Middle East and they are not that much of a novelty as they are for some.  I lived in Korea in the mid nineties and these squatty potties were common at the local watering holes.  I had that whole balancing act thing down pat!  I credit the “moderate and responsible” amount of adult beverages I consumed with my awesome coordination on a squatty potty in 1995…at least my memory of said coordination.  And for those of you picturing me rocking some high-waist Guess jeans and some fluffy bangs?  Just keep wondering. 
Fast forward 17 years later and balancing wasn't quite so easy.  During my recent trip to China, I would consider the squatty potty encounter a huge success if I managed not to pee on my foot.  I echo the comments about lack of availability of soap and toilet paper.  That was hit or miss – carry your own.  A tip – go to the very end stall…about half the time, you’d luck out and find a western or “handicapped” toilet. 
I do have to take issue with the banterist's (love love love that name) description of the squatty potties sanitation situation.  The public toilets I encountered in China were on average no dirtier than public toilets in  anywhere else in the world.  I thought the “how can a country with such dirty bathrooms be a super power” was a little uncalled for.  It’s a different sort of experience, uncomfortable and not what we are used to, but I didn’t find sanitation in the bathrooms (or anywhere else) to be a huge issue in any of the cities I visited in China.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not touting the squatty potty bathrooms as palatial…I’m just saying my experiences were not quite to this level.  But, they were also not near as entertaining.  Cheers to you, Mr. Sack.  Thank you for inspiring what is hopefully my one and only post about toilets. 

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