Lularoe Debuts Cap-Sleeved Sack and the Lularoe Buy and Sell Groups Have Some Feelings

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Lularoe debuts a cap-sleeved potato sack and names her Maria…and the Lularoe buy and sell groups have some feelings.

I love Lularoe, y’all. I know…there is some serious cray-cray-crazy going on in the Lularoe buy, sell, trade groups…that’s BST for those who might not be fluent in Lula-speak. They may have gotten a bad rap lately for being a not-so-great company to work for and some of their patterns are of the “make your eyeballs bleed” variety but I love me some Lularoe leggings.

Leggings are my friend, especially this time of year, right ladies? My skinny jeans might say “I don’t think so, girl. You’ve been hitting the Chex mix way too hard” but leggings are all “YASS QUEEN.”

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Leggings are kind. They understand that the lure of Christmas treats is just too strong.

But, as most of us know, Lularoe isn’t all about leggings. They also have a line of dresses, skirts, tees and sweaters to go with the leggings or to be worn on their own. These garments have cutesy-poo girl names like “Carly” and “Cassie” and “Julia” and are made from soft, stretchy (AKA forgiving) fabric.

Lularoe debuts a cap-sleeved potato sack and the Lularoe buy and sell groups have some feelings:

This week, Lularoe introduced their new girl on the block, Maria. And, if the initial reaction from the Lularoe buy, sell, and trade groups is any indication this dress that’s been touted as a “cap-sleeved maxi with a flattering fit” is going to be a big, fat flop.

Lularoe debuts the new Maria and the Lularoe Buy and Sell groups have some feelings|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

Unless you’re a sister wife or are going for that modern-day Laura Ingalls sort of look. Then, you should totally get one. Be right back…I’m going to go grab my sunbonnet and help Pa with the chores.

The caption on the photo Lularoe put out there boasts “a flattering fit and a slight high low hemline so everyone can see those cute shoes we know you’re wearing.”

Um. Does anyone else notice that all these models girls are holding their hemlines up?

Personally, I love maxi dresses. I can throw one on and slap my hair up in a bun and maybe put on some lip gloss and boom. I can sashay through my local grocery store and give the illusion that I’ve made an effort, when I really haven’t. And, as much as I love everyone to see my cute shoes, I need both of my hands as I go about my day and I can’t walk around holding up my dress like I’m some kind of fancy person.

Yeah…they really do look like sister wives, here, don’t they?

Lularoe debuts the new Maria and the Lularoe Buy and Sell groups have some feelings|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
“Hey Esther, wouldn't it be fun if we all stood in the middle of the street wearing our nightgowns and took a picture?

And seriously, why would I want to wear a long, camo print nightie out in public?

For those of you thinking this might be a cute and comfy around the house kind of dress, let me draw your attention to the price tag: 68 bucks. Yikes.

If you’re interested in what this cap-sleeved portable sleeping bag looks like “accessorized” get an eyeful of this:

Lularoe debuts the new Maria and the Lularoe Buy and Sell groups have some feelings|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
So. Much. Going. On.

I know. There’s so much going on here and girlfriend has it knotted at the bottom but this hemline still looks like a safety hazard to me.

Most of the comments I’ve seen about the new Maria aren’t favorable.

“Cute…if you’re a Duggar.”

“This looks like the nightgown my mom gave me after I gave birth to my son.”

“Wear this if you don’t plan on having sex again, ever.”

Now there’s a thought. “Not tonight, honey. I’m wearing my Maria.”

Now, I’m all for comfy clothes. I like loose, forgiving clothes, too…mostly because I like food. But this wouldn’t flatter me. This new Lula-creation would flatter…exactly no one, except maybe a tall, skinny girl with perky everything and zero tummy pudge?

Part of me wants to say “Lularoe, you’ve done lost your mind this time” but then I’d be talking to the people who manufacture clothing for adults festooned with ears of corn, creepy looking sock monkeys and replicas of the Leaning Tower of Pisa that resemble parts of the – ahem – male anatomy if you look at them just right.

No, I wouldn’t wear the Maria. I mean…it’s kind of tempting to try and find one in crimson and add a white bonnet. I could go as Ofred from the Handmaid’s Tale for Halloween. That’d be a hoot. But, for 68 smackeroos, I think I’ll stay with the clearance rack at Target and my local thrift store.

But, the Lula lure is strong. Something about prison striped shirts paired with a glittery disco skirt that looks like something my kid made with his Lite Brite (ahem, I think that’s what the Lularoe people refer to as “Elegant”) can cause sane women to make some really questionable shopping decisions.

So, no judgement from me if you’re the first in line to buy the new Maria mu-mu. Rock that oversized tee-shirt, girlfriend (after you hem it of course.)

I’ll even loan you my sunbonnet.

Lularoe debuts the new Maria and the Lularoe Buy, Sell, Trade groups have some feelings|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
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  1. LOL this cracked me up!! Yeah, this 5’2″ gal could never get away with this maxi dress style anyway, I’d be tripping over it all day. I don’t think there is anyone on Earth who could make this thing look flattering!

  2. I absolutely adored this post!
    I actually just got one (discounted) and kind of love it. It’s nicely fitted across my rather ample bust, but not too clingy at my little bit of belly pudge. I’m 5’7″ and the length is perfect. I also didn’t notice that it’s at all high-low…but whatever. I did wear cute flats with it, but will most likely wear funky flat sandals with it as the weather warms up.
    It’s obvious how ridiculous all the promo photos look, and find myself wondering why they couldn’t find any taller models. Why would you market something that looks so ill-fitting on every single one of your models?
    Anyway, I felt compelled to comment on your playful Maria review!

    1. Awww, thanks for the comment. I am actually shopping for a Maria right now (research, ya know) but I can’t find one in a pattern/color I can live with.

  3. I got one in the boring camo green. Paired it with a light denim jacket, thin braided brown belt, and my tan converse… 100% comfy, work-appropriate attire that looks absolutely decent.

    I’m 5’6″ with a bit of pudge and it sits perfectly about an inch above the floor with the belt on. I’m actually shopping for a Large so I can get a bit more length since I want it on the ground.

  4. I am only 5’4″ and I usually wear a chunky 2-1/2″ heel bootie ….I love my Maria’s and I have been wearing them all summer. Paired with a Monroe or a Lindsay it is very flattering and I have people commenting that they believe I’ve lost weight, when I’ve actually put on a few lbs lol
    I agree that the promo photos were terrible!! I did have a couple of mine shortened, but not all were necessary (LLR consistency lol) So…. don’t write off Maria if you haven’t tried her for yourself!!

  5. I have purchased 3 Maria dresses and immediately took them to have them altered to have an even hemline. I won’t purchase any more Marias because the cost to alter makes the total cost too high. I am busty and have nice hips, so the Maria becomes a dress with flattering curves for me. I can see how certain prints do make the dress look like a nightgown. Two of my Marias have more slick poly in the fabric and hang nicely, the other has some sort of strange fabric makeup and feels tacky on my fingertips and clings more. I’m not a fan of it. I wish I could get a better concept of the LLR fabrics prior to purchasing. I’ve come to realize that terms like “soft worn look” really means blurry print that just looks old and cheap. I just don’t understand the need to make so many items hi-low.

  6. The Maria is flattering if you have the right figure for it like I do…of course I’m really blessed in the booty department, so maybe a gal with a smaller bottom couldn’t rock it as well.

    I got a berry colored one and my husband complimented me on it. You should give the Maria a chance, Jill. I bet you’d rock this fun, comfortable look, too.