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If you've been following my Instagram Stories for the past few days – and if you're not, you totally should – you know I've been exploring a new place – North Dakota. If you've never thought about North Dakota travel, for whatever reason, I'm here to tell you to think about it. I've got lots to say about North Dakota travel and why it should be on your radar but for the moment, I'm going to offer you some sneak peeks that will hopefully leave you wanting to explore this state.

I'll do a full deep dive into my North Dakota experiences but for now, here's a little look at some of the cool things North Dakota has to offer. Their state tourism board's motto is “Be Legendary” and I think that's pretty spot on. Enjoy the sneak peek at my North Dakota travel pics and let me know if you have any questions – it will help me out as I write my content if I have an idea of what all you might be curious about. Ask away! Comment on this blog post, leave me a message on social media, or, the best way, send me an email to rippedjeansandbifocalsblog@gmail.com

North Dakota Travel – A Sneak Peek

This picture probably embodies your idea of North Dakota Travel
This is Double Ditch State Historical Site near Bismarck. The wide open space was characteristic of what I expected North Dakota to look like. There was a lot of space to run around, and, the experience is quite educational (if you read the signs.)
Like dinosaurs? Check out North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum in Bismarck. There's all kinds of history and hands-on things to do – and it's FREE.
I love checking out street art wherever I go. Bismarck has quite a few murals in the downtown area.

Oh give me a home…

Buck Hill in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Prepare for Buffalo SPAM.
This shows just how close to the car they were.
When you look at pictures of North Dakota travel you expect to see Buffalo, right?
Okay, last one…for now.

Cold brew, knife skills, and a meal fit for a cowboy

If you followed my Insta Stories, you probably thought all I did in North Dakota is drink cold brew. That wouldn't be completely wrong. The best was from Fresh Palate in Williston ND. Fresh Palate is an eco friendly natural foods store that has a coffee bar in the back.
Speaking of Williston, I'll always remember this place as where I learned some serious knife skills. I learned some fancy ways to chop that have fancy names which I have promptly forgotten. But, the name of the place is Main Street Cooks which is definitely worth a look.
North Dakota is known for Pitchfork Fondue. I bet you're curious about what that is. Can you spot the pitchfork in this picture?

A little bit of history…

With North Dakota Travel, there are lots of opportunity to learn about history
We met this delightful dude at Fort Buford. We're standing in front of the building where Sitting Bull surrendered.
Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site is just up the road from Fort Buford. You'll learn about fur trading and maybe get a little tidbit about the early life of Sitting Bull.
Abraham Lincoln State Park near Bismarck has a lot of history…and maybe a few ghosts. This is the last place General Custer lived with his wife before…well, you probably know the story, right?

North Dakota Travel – There's a lot to see

Raindrops on the lens. Terrible visibility of Painted Canyon behind me. Sometimes, you just gotta grin and bear it, crappy weather or not.
Did you know there are feral horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

If you're a pottery lover, check out Prairie Fire Pottery in Beach, ND. Spoiler alert: there is not a Beach in Beach.

Warning: The following pictures may not fit your mental picture of North Dakota Travel

Don't let your North Dakota Travel not include Lake Sakakawea
No, this isn't a mix up. Yes, this is really North Dakota. Yes, really. I'll have more to tell you about Tobacco Gardens Resort soon.
One of my favorites…I love pictures with sun spots on them, even though they're “imperfect.”
And again…I'm really sure this is North Dakota. Lake Sakakawea was the biggest surprise of all.

Last one…

Hopefully some of these images have surprised you and haven't been what fit into your picture of North Dakota. But some of the ideas of what North Dakota should look like that lived in my head proved true.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed the photos. When would you suggest is the best time to visit?

    1. Probably summer. We visited in early September and it was great but you might be taking your chances with snow that late in the year. North Dakota has incredible sunflowers, which we were too late in the year to see. Definitely visit, though!

    1. Absolutely my pleasure – I can’t wait to share more, especially about Tobacco Gardens. It surpassed all of my expectations for North Dakota.