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Every Tuesday I’ll share something funny with the hope it will make you laugh and smile. Maybe you’ll nod your head and say “yeah, me too.”

When school starts, we're always super enthusiastic, right? We take the time to make our kid's lunches just so. We carefully chose school outfits and sigh when our little angels come home with ketchup stains on their shirts. We might put stickers or funny little notes in the lunchbox and heaven forbid they leave the house in an outfit that's not matchy-matchy. I'm even guilty of wiping down the backpack. Yes, really. Wiping. Down. The. Backpack. Crazy, right?

And then the gradual (or not so gradual) decline sets in and come May, our outlook on school is a little…different.

May Mom All the Way|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

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August Mom vs. May Mom|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

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  1. And….that’s why my 17 year old was allowed to skip school today. Her finals were finished yesterday so today is a total “non-day”. She also went out with friends yesterday evening and jumped off the old bridge into the lake. She was home before the time I told her….showered….and didn’t get into trouble. That’s all I ask at this point.