Laundry Hacks for Moms

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“I love doing laundry,” said no mom ever. Laundry Hacks 

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Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

Even though no mom in her right mind loves doing laundry, the laundry must get done. Letting our small humans walk around in dirty clothes is considered generally unacceptable…although we’ve all done it at one time or another. I mean…we all have, right? If you’ve never sprayed your kids down with fabric refresher and hustled them out the door, I’m sorry but we just can’t be friends.

Just kidding.

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Laundry is a necessary evil. Once you get one load done, another load pops back up and then the cycle seems to never end. Especially with school in full swing, our family is busier than ever, which means more stains… and more laundry.   Here are seven laundry hacks for moms that will help.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

Laundry Hacks for Moms:

  1. Get the kids involved

My kids each have a laundry basket in their closet. When I’m ready to do their laundry, I ask them to bring their baskets down to the laundry room. I wash the stuff in their baskets separately because keeping it separated makes folding and putting away easier.

Just kidding about the folding. We don’t actually do that and it works for us.

When the laundry is clean, I put the baskets at the base of the stairs and tell my kids to carry them up to their rooms.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

This is a small step but they’re only seven. I figure it’s a good start. When the day comes where I teach them how to use the washing machine, they won’t be too shocked.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

  1. Check the pockets

I might not fold but I do sort and make sure only clothing is placed in the washer. Do not dump your children’s laundry directly into the wash without sorting through it first. Ask me how I know this is a bad idea.

I’ve washed all kinds of things that should not be washed because these things have made it into the hamper: Empty packages of fruit snacks. Rocks. Partially eaten and petrified sandwiches. And yeah…I just don’t want to know.

  1. Find laundry products that make sense…

…like Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster. No matter how organized and on top of things you are, stains are going to happen. Kids get dirty. They spill stuff. They roll around in the dirt and grass. They use their shirt as a napkin. And as they should because they’re kids and that’s why we love them.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

My kids started school and fall sports a month ago, and honestly? I’m struggling to keep up with the routine and the laundry. Oh, and do you want to hear something that makes no sense? White soccer uniforms for seven-year-olds.

“I guess we’ll all be investing in bleach,” I heard one of my fellow soccer moms say as the coaches handed out this season’s jerseys and socks.

I’m glad we have something better than chlorine bleach to keep our team looking fresh and bright. Grass stains are a pain in the grass (see what I did there?)

I don’t have the magic recipe for making stains not happen (and if you do, tell me!) but I can recommend Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster to help you stay on top of your laundry pile. You can use it throughout your wash (just add it to the wash basin along with your detergent) or use it to pretreat stains. When you pair Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster with your favorite detergent, you can actually remove 4X more stains and brighten 2X more than using detergent alone.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster is safe to use in standard and HE-washing machines. It does a great job on our white soccer uniform. But seriously? White soccer uniforms?

To Remove Stains and Boost Colors:

  • For standard washing machines, add product to the wash basin along with your favorite – fill the cap to the first fill line for small or regular loads and to the second fill line for large or extra-large loads.
  • For HE washing machines, fill to the first fill line and add product with your favorite detergent in the detergent dispenser.
  • For best results, start the washer and add both detergent and product before adding clothes.
  1. Shake out your clothes before you put them in the dryer

This serves two purposes. First, it helps clothes dry faster. Clothes become bunched up during the spin cycle and bunched up clothes usually need another round in the dryer. If you’re like me, your clothes have probably sat in your dryer for a day or so before you realize they aren’t fully dry. That’s IF you remember to put them in the dryer in the first place.

Also, shaking the clothes gives you a chance to inspect for stains that need another go-round in the wash. Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster works wonders on stains but sometimes, something makes it into the washer with stains I didn’t know about. I always add it to my kids’ laundry but there’s usually something in every load that needs to be pre-treated. Once a stained item takes a trip in the dryer, the stain might be yours forever, although Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster has been known to work wonders on dryer set stains.

  1. Establish designated laundry days

We have four people living in our house and judging by the amount of dirty clothes we accumulate, you’d think a small army lives here. A small army who dribbles spaghetti sauce down the front of their shirts and rolls around in the dirt. A lot.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

For me, things run more smoothly when I have a regular laundry day. It helps me to feel more organized and aids in time management. And yes, being organized is probably an illusion but I try.

I wash my husband’s clothes and my clothes together on one day and my kids’ clothes on another day. Sports’ uniforms, towels and linens are done on a separate day. This works well for us. The biggest challenge is remembering to put the wet laundry from washer to dryer. The struggle is real.

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals

  1. Make sure the clothes are actually dirty

I thought it was only little girls who changed clothes a bazillion times a day and filled up the dirty clothes hamper with clean clothes. All the nopes, boy moms.

I find clothes that fall into the “hey, nobody wore that this week” category in the laundry all the time. If you have more than one kid, make sure to pull out the clothes your kids wore for a short five minutes  as it can save you a load a week.

My family is messy. My life is messy and I’ve accepted that but I like having Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster in my laundry room arsenal. Our clothes stay fresh and bright. It extends the life of our clothes and for me, that’s a good thing. My kids are outgrowing and tearing up clothing at warp speed. Keeping good-quality clothing stain-free is important to me.

Having Clorox 2 in my laundry room toolbox makes me feel like I’m taking two steps forward instead of two steps backward. After all, that’s what the 2 is for in Clorox 2. Lau

ndry Hacks

Laundry Hacks for Moms|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals


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