My “ONE WORD” for 2016…


…like I could ever have just one word. As if. And if you’re new here, I’m one wordy bitch. Consider that your welcome. I’m serving mint juleps on the veranda…come on down, y’all. Actually…I don’t have a veranda and I don’t own any bourbon, but if you’re ever in Texas, hit me up and I’ll serve you some good wine on my back porch. Mind you don’t trip over the sea of plastic toys. I have kids. But mint juleps sounded sort of fun for a minute, right?

So, hey there. Happy 2016.

People have historically made resolutions for the New Year. They resolve to do something better. Something different. Less of this, more of that.

The people that don’t like resolutions have GOALS. Resolutions set you up for failure but goals are different. You can write out your goals on a vision board (I’ll pretend I actually understand what that is) or use a dry erase marker to put them on your bathroom mirror and you can CHECK OFF ALL THE GOALS as you meet them.

Because that’s different than a resolution.

I guess.

I don’t really get that…let’s just put that out there right now.

I always say I’m not one to get wrapped around semantics so I’ll leave the goals versus resolutions to fight another day.

I don’t consider myself an early adaptor, a trendsetter or a follower. None. Of. Those. Things.

That said, I like this “one word” challenge. Is it a challenge? Idea? Mantra? However you spin it, I like the idea of having one word to frame your new year.

My One Word for 2016|Ripped Jeans and BIfocals


Looking back on my 2015, I can’t find a lot to complain about our find fault with. Of course I did things I wish I hadn’t have done. Of course there were a million tiny moments that I’d love to rewind and be more kind, more patient, less bitchy, less rushed. To love more, to listen more. To talk less, to worry less. To trust more and to question more…and yes, I realize those last two things contradict each other but life is sometimes complicated, people.

If you are coming into this new year with the mindset that you did everything right and that you’ve got nothing to build upon or improve upon…well, I’m sort of torn between wanting what you’re smoking and calling you a lying liar.

2015 was a crazy, beautiful, messy, stressful, anxious, satisfying thrilling year. There were really high highs and really low lows. The in-betweens and middle grounds were sort of missing from the picture. Planning? Foresight? Scheduling? Not much of that going on.

In 2015 I bounced from one opportunity to another and bit off more than I probably should have with this project or that project.

I was honest with myself and others in a way that I hadn’t been in my (eek!) 49 years. I saw that the anxiety and depression that I’d been bottling and trying to hide for so long was eating me from the inside and making me into someone I didn’t recognize…see also someone I didn’t really like…and I did something about it.

I removed some toxic people from my life and pushed some other people to the fringes…I have people that I love that aren’t part of my daily life or my inner circle anymore. My season of pruning has been painful in some ways and healing in others.

But nothing in the topsy turvy that was 2015 was intentional. None of it was on purpose. Things just sort of happened and I reacted as events unfolded, just trying to tread water. Every time I thought I had a plan, life threw me a curve ball…see also, I saw something shiny and wanted to go in another direction.

2016 is the year that I build on the things that happened in 2015. I mend what needs mended. I move on. I breathe. I think.

I will be intentional.

I will think before I say, act, or plan. I will have a purpose for the things I do, say and commit myself to doing. There will be more thinking, more considering, hopefully more balance…and less of the feeling that I’m just flying by the seat of my britches.


That’s my one word. It fits into every facet of my life. I can be more intentional about what I say (and don’t say), who I choose to align myself with, how I parent, how I manage my day-to-day relationship with my husband, how I prioritize work, how I manage the time-wasters we all know and love as Pinterest and Facebook…

…everything can be intentional.

I can be more intentional. Life moves fast and sometimes we can’t dilly dally on making decisions…but most of the time we can take a pause and take a breath, to consider what and why.


Do YOU have a word?

What's your "ONE WORD" for 2016|Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

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  1. I love your word – first I’ve seen that one and I think it’s great. I’ve seen so many people talk about 2015 being both a challenge and a joy and I’m right there in that camp, too. What a crazy year! And seriously – ONE word? I couldn’t do it. I picked two. 😀
    Here’s to great things ahead for all!

  2. I like intention. I feel as thought too many of my actions are reactionary. I just need to get my head on straight, decide what my priorities are, and than (hopefully) I can be intention in my quest to go after what I want and need. Happy New Year Jill.

  3. So, I think you’re one of my new favorite bloggers (new for me that is)! I SO love your lead in, it cracked me up…thanks for that! I love your word and have also made that a priority for me and how I live too!

    I admit, I do have a vision board, but I don’t do them every year. I’m more of list planner…I write it down and go from there. I really connect with the setting goals (vs. resolutions)…for me, I rarely keep resolutions, ya’know?!

    I haven’t really participated in a word of the year, but see quite a few people online all over it. After giving it some thought, I think my word for the year is ‘Do’ (same sentiment as Nike’s Just Do it).

    Thanks for sharing, I’m SO signing up for the newsletter, and will definitely be back!!!

    Visiting from SITS Sharefest! Have a great day!


    1. YAY! Thank you for coming by! I am so excited that you found me through SITS girls!

      And, I secretly want a vision board now. Shhh!

  4. Do you know that is my FAVORITE word EVER? Yup. It is.

    I work on that word every single day…

    I loved this post so so much. Everything about it. The snark and honest wit you always have, cracks me UP- and I’m incredibly proud of you for taking those hard pruning steps, because I know all about lessening the tethers of toxic people, and sometimes cutting that connection right off. It’s painful, scary and liberating. GOOD for YOU.

    Ah… being true to yourself and valuing those really deep feelings of anxiety and depression is also such a difficult yet liberating and healing process too. It sure sounds like you truly have had one hell of a year, my friend.

    And I’m all about one words for the year. That’s about all I can promise I’ll ‘work on’. And usually even that is sidelined or lost or forgotten. I’m all about being intentional with what I say and do- but I really should work on those ‘resolutions’ or focus on more long term goals instead of daily/weekly/meandering ones. Heck, maybe I should look into a vision board or something. I’m guessing the most I will probably do is scribble a couple of ideas on it and then find it in the crawl space a decade later though. I think I’ll just take a piece of paper and jot a few ideas down. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do. 🙂

    Happy New Year, my friend. XOXO

    PS: My word was “WORTHY”… Something I believe you would totally get.

    1. You are more than worthy and your kind words made me a little teary…not gonna lie. And yes…I have one hell of a year, to be sure. Here is to an intentional 2016 for me and all the good and wonderful things for you. XOXO

  5. Happy New Year!

    My word is focus. Trying to not get distracted this year by energy-draining people, things that don’t really matter and issues that aren’t mine to take on. Here’s to 2016!!

  6. My one word for 2016 is “try”. There are so many things I think about wanting to do, but I talk myself out of them before I ever even give myself a chance to find out what steps to take, much less actually attempt whatever feat I have decided is monumental. So this year I’m reminding myself that, for the most part, there is very little harm in deciding to actually try!

  7. Intentional – what a great mantra for 2016! Entering the New Year and next step in life is a great thing to do…intentionally. Yes, I love it. I see good things happening with that mantra. My word is Purpose – and my hopes are very similar to yours with this word. Let’s do this – 2016!

  8. A good word choice! I’m also a bit fuzzy about the difference between goals and resolutions, but either way being intentional is helpful. Being intentional as a Mom can be hard, given the distractions that crowd into our daily lives. But sorting out what is important, and being intentional about it, gives us the best chance of living a happy and fulfilled life. So Yay Intentional!

  9. Hi. I’ve only been here a couple times, but I need to stop by more often, because I love your use of language and wit and blend of silly and serious. What a terrific word. My sister and her family stayed with us for Christmas, and as I watched them parent, it all seemed so intentional to me. Whereas I just fly by the seat of my pants. I wonder whose kids will fare better? 🙂 Well, they’re all wonderful kids, because they know they’re loved. Despite my clutzing around, my kids are turning out pretty good. But still, I’d like to be a little more intentional, too, not just with parenting, but with how I go forth in my own goals. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  10. Intentional. Perfect. I know what you mean about not planning, not doing goals, or resolutions and I think “intentional” is a wonderful word to try and aspire to this year. Thanks so much for linking up with Finish the Sentence. And HI, YOU! <3 Here's to an awesome year. And maybe some mint julep.

  11. Hi, I am new here. I don’t know how I got here. I was wasting time surfing. I love your word intentional. If I chose a word today it would be access. I would want to access all my inner power this year. I was reading bits and pieces of your blog. Are you 49ish with 4 year old twins? All I can say is bless you. I am 60. My twins are 38.

  12. I just found your blog, the One Word for 2016 & love both!! My 2015 was a cluster f%#k so I totally connected with this post! I will be returning! Thx!

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