Things Texans Love to Whine About

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They say everything's bigger in Texas but does that extend to complaining? Here are 10 things Texans love to whine about. From San Antonio to Amarillo, and everywhere in between, this is what grinds our gears. 

Things Texans Like to Whine About.
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1. Non-Texans moving to Texas

We blame you for rising housing prices and all the traffic. 

2. Cold Weather

That means anything below 50 degrees, y'all. 

3. Hot Weather

We love our state, for the most part, but August weather is tough to handle. There's a small window of the year where we all fantasize about moving to Montana or Wyoming. 

And yes, the irony of never being satisfied with where the mercury is on the thermometer isn't lost on us. When it comes to the weather, we can always find something to grumble about. 

4. State Taxes

Gotcha! We don't have a state income tax and we like it that way.

5. Cruel and Unusual Liquor Laws

The bars stop serving at 2:00 a.m. and horror of all horrors, you can't buy beer at the ice house (that's a convenience store to you out-of-state folk) until after noon on Sunday. 

6. Non-Texans Complaining About the Heat

No Linda, we don't want to hear about your sweltering Minnesota summer. It's not the same. 

7. How Bad the Tex-Mex is Outside Texas

There's no place like home when it comes to chips and queso, y'all. I once had some respectable tamales in Union Gap Washington but the general rule is, that Tex-Mex outside of Texas is just not the same. 

Someone put carrots on my nachos in Montana and I'm not – and will never be – over the trauma. 

8. Traffic

While logic may say no one state has a claim to complain about traffic, anyone who has planned a trip around Houston rush hour traffic or sat for over an hour in stopped traffic on 1-35 going through Austin knows Texas traffic is the worst. And yes, we know there are probably old ladies who drive 55 mph in the left lane in your state, too, our zeal in complaining about this is definitely Texas-size. 

9. Mosquitoes

How does that go? Everything's bigger in Texas. 

10. Oklahoma Drivers

Really, any out-of-state drivers or anyone who happens to be driving a car with non-Texas plates, but we all know Oklahoma drivers are the worst. 


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