Want to use Uber or Lyft with Kids? Here’s everything you need to know to rock the rideshare.

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Ride-sharing is so common that “Uber” is now a verb, as in “I’ll Uber there.” Whether you're using Uber, Lyft, or another ride-share app, here's everything you need to know to Uber with kids.

Uber with kids – Everything you need to know

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Whether you're using a ride-share to navigate everyday life at home or want to use it while traveling, here are the basics.

Ride Share Safety – Is it safe to Uber with kids?

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Although every parent ultimately has to decide what they feel is safe for their child, ride-sharing with kids is safe if you keep up with car seat and booster seat requirements and follow your instincts. If you’re comfortable riding in a taxi with your kids, you’re probably going to be just fine using Uber or Lyft with your kids. There are safety and common sense things to consider, but ride-sharing is widely viewed as a safe, easy, and smart way to travel.

And, if you're comfortable getting into a taxi with your kids, you're probably comfortable getting into an Uber with them as well. 

Understand the Basics

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Before you attempt to Uber with kids, make sure you understand the basics of how ride-sharing works in general. Download the app, make a profile, associate a payment method with your account, and look at the FAQs. Traveling with kids tends to make everything just a tad more complicated so knowing the basics of ride-share before you throw kids in the mix will help you. 

Traveling with a Car Seat

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If you're going to travel with a car seat and place it in every Uber you ride in, make sure you know the basics of installing your car seat. That might sound like a no-brainer but if you don't regularly install or move your car seat, this can trip you up. 

If you want to slim down what you're carrying, consider a travel car seat, such as a Mifold portable booster seat or an inflatable Bubble Bum seat that are easier to travel with than a full-size car seat. 

Uber Car Seat and Lyft 

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In general, neither taxis nor ride shares provide car seats. Uber offers a car seat option called Uber Car Seat, on some larger (UberX) vehicles and only in “select cities.” Uber Car Seat vehicles carry one inspected, current car seat and add a surcharge to the ride fee for using the car seat. The operator is trained on how to install it.

Lyft offers something called Car Seat Mode that works much the same way as Uber Car Seat, but, as of publication time is only in New York City.

If you’re requesting a taxi and want a car seat, request it when you book the taxi. The average taxi driver probably isn’t going to be carrying a car seat. Even if they are, you have no guarantee about when the seat was purchased or how well it’s been maintained.

Uber and Lyft at Disney World

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If you're going to use a ride share to get around Walt Disney World, which is roughly the size of San Francisco, Lyft, and Uber can be a great options if you don't feel like waiting for the Disney busses. Regular Lyft and Uber operate on Disney property, which is a quick, fairly cheap way to get around. 

Lyft also operates the Minnie Van service, which is a specialized Lyft operated by a Disney Cast Member. Each Minnie Van carries two safety-checked car seats and the driver is trained on how to properly install them. 

Other bonuses: Minnie Vans can go in the bus bays, getting you closer to the parks than a regular rideshare, and the driver is usually a Disney expert. 

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