Reindeer Food Bag Topper

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One of the things my kids and I always do on Christmas Eve is make reindeer food, sometimes known as reindeer dust. If you're looking to use reindeer food or reindeer dust as gifts or party favors, you can download my cute (and free!) reindeer food bag topper to make it extra special. 

Reindeer Food Bag Topper – FREE PRINTABLE

There are lots of different ways to make reindeer food. A lot of recipes use glitter, like this one here. Some may prefer not to use glitter because of the mess it makes in your house and in your yard, or out of concern for the birds or other animals that might ingest it. 

You can also use baking or edible glitter but it's not quite as sparkly. 

Grab my free reindeer food bag printable here:

Reindeer Food Bag Topper

My boys have enjoyed making this since they were really small. It's easy to do with whatever you have on hand – Cheerios or other cereal, oats, sprinkles to make it colorful. More details here. If you're doing this for a larger group or if you have a big family, its fun to set out bowls of various ingredients and let the kids pick and choose what they want to put in their batch. 

The toppers make it extra fun. You can even pre-make a few bags and put them in a dish or bucket to give out to friends and neighbors throughout the holiday season. It's a fun little thoughtful gesture. 

Want reindeer food for people? I've got that too with this fun, holiday snack mix.

For more holiday ideas, check out my Christmas resource page.


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