Best Kids Books for Chinese New Year in 2019

If you celebrate Chinese New Year, here's a great list of books for kids to help celebrate the holiday. Even if you don't celebrate or don't feel like you have any connection to Chinese/Lunar New Year, it's a fun holiday to dip your toes into. Check out one of these books or gift a teacher with a book or two for her library. Our favorite (and probably one of the most popular) is Ruby's Chinese New Year, which I've listed first.

If you don't see your favorite book on this list, let me know what it is and I'll add it.

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Best Kids Books for Chinese New Year in 2019


And, while Pepper Zhang isn't a Chinese New Year book, I wanted to include her anyway. I love inclusion and I love for my kids to have books and dolls where the character looks like them without having an overtly Chinese theme. Check her out:


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