Parent Approved Masks for Kids


If you’re looking for parent approved (and kid approved, too – that’s important!) masks for kids, here’s a list of top picks from parents on social media. 

Parent Approved Masks for Kids

This isn’t a mask debate. The reality of it is, masks are part of life for most of us right You may go places where masks must be worn, like a doctor’s office or an airport or a school. You may choose to have your child wear a mask when it’s not required. If you need to buy masks for your kids this is for you. If you want to argue about what other people are or are not doing….well, there are plenty of other places on the internet where you can do tht. 

If you’re interested in mask options and recommendations from actual parents, keep reading. I’ve got some fun stuff that other family’s have vouched for. If you want to argue or give your opinion on masks, keep on scrolling. 

The Best Masks for Kids

Bottom line: The best masks for kids is are the masks your kids will actually wear. I’m happy to provide a few suggestions for things that might work for you.

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Although I’ve focused on masks for kids, many of these stores sell masks for adults, too. Take a few minutes to explore these 


You can find everything at Walmart, right? Although your in-store experience will vary from location to location, they’ve got a great selection online. You can usually get Walmart deliveries pretty quickly, either at your door or to pick up at your local store. 

Here are a few of my Walmart.com picks:

Harry Potter, Ice Pop Prints 3 pack, Crayola Kids 5-Pack

Shop more here.


We’ve visited Walt Disney World twice this year. During our March 2021 visit, masks were required just about everywhere on the Walt Disney World property unless eating or swimming. Disney gifted us with some masks and I was very impressed with their breathability and softness. 

Check out the selection of masks on shopDisney. You’ll find a similar selection of masks in the Disney Parks and at the resort hotels at on the Walt Disney World property. Shop online and make sure you have enough masks for your trip, if you’re planning one. 

We visited Walt Disney World again in June and found the masking rules greatly relaxed. If you’re planning a trip to Disney, definitely keep up with the current health and safety protocols. The rules are changing very frequently right now. 

Some of my favorite shopDisney faves: Pixar, Marvel Friends, Pandora

Shop more here.


This was a surprise to me. I didn’t know Vistaprint made masks but the parents in my Facebook community really like them. You can buy masks and filters on their site. 

They’ve got bright solid colors plus some fun and whimsical prints that aren’t branded, i.e. planets and dinosaurs. 

Shop here.

Red Bubble

This was another fun discovery, and not just for masks but for other artist created merchandise. If your kids want truly unique and fun masks that are different than what everyone else has, this is definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for a space panda mask or something with an extra dose of whimsy, this is your shop. 

Shop here.

Old Navy

Old Navy has lots of three-pack adjustable masks for kids. They have a few plain ones, but most are pop culture/cartoon characters. Their online store offers Paw Patrol, Disney, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. 

Shop here.


GAP has lots of fun masks for kids, mostly sold in three packs. They’ve got cartoon characters and pop culture and they’ve also got prints, statements/quotes and sets. This set of three leopard masks is adorable. They’re also adjustable.

Most of the GAP mask sets have pockets for filters if you want to use those. 

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Shop here.

Land’s End

Land’s End has fun prints and vibrant solids that coordinate with their kids clothing. I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but these are on clearance for $1.99. 

Shop here.

OMG! Masks for Kids

One of the parents in my community described these as “Not as bougie as it sounds.” I love the word bougie, just putting that out there. 

You can buy several styles of OMG! masks on Amazon – these are all pretty girly but have a look here.

Nordstrom.com has lots of OMG! Masks for Kids. If you’re looking for fun Shark Week masks, this is your store

Shop all OMG! Masks for kids at Nordstrom here.

Miyuki’s Masks

This is a new find for me and I don’t have any personal experience with ordering from them. They’ve got some fun and unique prints as well as pop culture prints and political/statement masks. 

This is the best shop I’ve seen for matching your exact outfit to a mask or making a statement about what you love or stand for. 

Disposable Masks – Parent Picks

Whether your kids just prefer the feel of a disposable mask or you need to stock up for travel or if you’re someplace when you can’t wash your mask out, these disposable masks might work for you.

M95C Disposable Masks

These come in several colors and are sold in packs of 10 and 50. 

Buy on Amazon

KF94 Disposable Masks

If you want some whimsy in your disposable masks (think sharks in space) check this one out.

Buy on Amazon

AHIOU Disposable Masks

If you’re looking for fun prints + disposable masks, these might be for you. Don’t think paper masks have to be boring.

Buy on Amazon.

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