I’m Jill:  writer, blogger, and social media influencer.  Here’s a little info about where I’ve been published.

The Blog:

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals has been online since May 2014.  The blog represents where I am right now – older, still sorta hip mom having hot flashes and struggling to see her monitor while running around after four year old virtual twins.

I enjoy writing for other sites…I do like to get around, ya know.  Here are a few of my favorite features: 

The Washington Post – Why I Like Being an Older Mom

Parenting small kids in my forties was definitely not how I saw things playing out when I was younger.  But that’s my reality now and it’s pretty awesome.  Tiring, but awesome.

Baby Shower Envy – Scary Mommy

I felt a little blown off by the lack of fanfare and cake after we adopted our boys.  Sharing my thoughts about it helped put my head in a better place and it was awesome to be published on Scary Mommy.

I Can’t Tuna Piano But I Can Tune Out My Husband – In the Powder Room

In the Powder Room is one of my favorite sites to read and I’m thrilled to have been featured there.  Any woman who’s ever been busted pretending to listen to her husband talk about something she’s not remotely interested in will be able to relate to this one.

Beyond Your Blog is a resource website for writers that gives information on guest posting, paid writing opportunities and anthology submissions (ya know, like Chicken Soup for the Soul books) and the site owner is amazeballs.  I’ve been featured twice on BYB, and there’s nothing quite as awesome as being singled out by your peers.

Podcast – Four Bloggers Share 2015 Goals – I was delighted to be interviewed along with three other bloggers about my writing and publishing goals for 2015.

On A Roll With Submissions – I had some nice beginner’s success with submissions in 2014.  Here’s a little bit about that.

Regular Hangouts

I an a regular contributor for the very awesome Blunt Moms.  I can usually be found hanging out on their site a couple times a month.

My Blunt Moms Stuff

I started blogging for Huffington Post in January 2015.  This is a great place to catch a good selection of my writing in one place.

My Huffington Post Blogger Profile

If you’re not reading Mamalode, you should be!  They have a lot of heartfelt, inspiring stuff but some really funny pieces, too.  I also had the honor of appearing in Mamalode’s December print edition.

My Mamalode Stuff

I’m a regular contributor to Felicity Huffman’s What the Flicka?  I love What the Flicka because you can find a little of everything there…humor, practical advice and really good recipes.

My What The Flicka Stuff

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