Editing and blog coaching services

If you’re a just starting out blogger, I’d love to help! I have been blogging since May 2014. I’ve had great beginner’s success with my own blog and beyond. My work has been published on Washington Post,  Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, Mamalode, The Good Men Project, In the Powder Room, Blunt Moms, Felicity Huffman’s What the Flicka, Mamapedia, xo Jane and others. I am also a regular freelancer for Babble, SheKnows and Your Tango and I’m a cadre writer for Blunt Moms.


Having work published on larger sites or collaborative blogs can be a great way to grow your blog. I offer editing and submission advice starting at $15.00.  I’ll clean up any typos and formatting you may have overlooked and give my recommendations for any substantive changes and where your post may fit.

When you’ve read and re-read a piece, it’s easy to miss small mistakes that may hurt your chances when your work goes in front of an editor.  I can’t give any guarantees that your piece will be accepted but I do have experience with a wide variety of submissions sites and can give you some solid advice. My normal editing turnaround time is 48 hours unless we agree otherwise. Contact me at rippedjeansandbifocalsblog@gmail.com for availability.

Blog/Social Media Coaching:

I will give your blog an honest and thorough evaluation and let you know what I think of your layout and content. I’ll also look at how you are using the social media account of your choice to promote your blog. I’m an experienced social media manager and I’m familiar with a variety of social media but I am most proficient at Facebook.  I will promote at least two of your blog posts (my choice, but feel free to let me know what your favorites are) on my social media and display a link to your blog in my sidebar for 30 days.

The introductory rate for this service is $50. My goal is to give you the benefit of a fresh set of eyes from an experienced blogger from the perspective of a first time reader: how quickly does your blog load, how easy is it to find your social media buttons, is it easy to navigate your layout and does your content/layout make me want to keep reading?  By sharing your work and the links to your blog with my audience, you will get the benefit of being exposed to different readers.

Contact me at rippedjeansandbifocalsblog@gmail.com for availability or if you have questions.