Best Amazon Purchases – Jill’s Top Picks

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Week ending May 10th (Happy Mother’s Day!)

1. Dinosaur Costumes! They’re life changing!

Child’s Velociraptor Costume

Adult’s T-Rex Costume

We bought Kyle a child’s and Z a teen costume which is still a little bit big on him. 

2. Just Dance

I know a lot of you probably already have Just Dance but we’ve just jumped on the bandwagon. Z is really good at it…Kyle is less so and me? I’m a bumbling mess but it’s pretty great cardio. 

3. Trampoline Sprinkler

If you have a trampoline then you need a trampoline sprinkler. For those of you who are new, we got a trampoline about three weeks ago. One of our friends wanted to get rid of it and we said we’d be happy to take it off their hands. The boys love it…although we had the first “He pushed me off on purpose” this week and we took away jumping privileges for a couple of days and had some remedial safety training.